SaaS / Cloud Computing for Laboratories Has Gone Mainstream

CloudComputing for the LaboratoryCloud computing in business and government has taken off like a rocket.  More and more companies, government agencies, healthcare institutions, and financial institutions are turning to cloud computing, not only for their “line-of-business” applications, but for their entire IT infrastructure.  Now, the laboratory and scientific industries are embracing cloud computing at an even faster pace.  You will start to see more and more articles and case studies on the use of cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) for the laboratory.

USA Today published an article covering the use of SaaS/cloud computing for small business: Software-as-a-service gives small business powerful tools.

Life Science Leader Magazine published “SaaS Model Turns LIMS Paradigm On Its Head” and a similar article from the American Chemical Society’s, Chemical & Engineering News, entitled “LIMS In The Cloud” all demonstrate how fast and how far cloud computing is making its way into nearly every corner of laboratories, business, government, and other industries.

To learn more about what cloud computing/SaaS can do for laboratories, you will also want to read the article “SaaS – Is a web hosted LIMS right for your laboratory?”

The SaaS LIMS offering from LabLynx, Inc has exploded in growth since its release as a cloud computing application platform in 2008; making it the largest LIMS cloud/SaaS provider on the market today.  LabLynx now has over 1,000 users of cloud-based LIMS, business applications, and dozens of application-specific modules.  These applications are being used by multinational corporations, governments, and small, private laboratories.  This growth has come from diverse customers in a variety of industries from agricultural, to environmental, to clinical, to pharmaceutical.  The LabLynx suite is more than just LIMS; it offers a wide variety of modular business and scientific applications to choose from and functionality from a plethora of web gadget applications to entire enterprise class application suites.

While LabLynx sells its ELab LIMS product line for installation within an organization’s network, the largest growth by far, comes from LabLynx’s cloud/SaaS LIMS offering.  The reason is basically bottom-line driven for the customer.  The customer saves the expense of a license fee and the IT costs, such as hardware and maintenance.

Are you confused about what exactly Cloud Computing is?

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Would you like to have a Cloud based LIMS for your laboratory?

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