Software as a Service (SaaS): 10 Trends for 2010

A recent blog post from Michael Dunham showed up on the SaaS for Science group on Linkedin.  The posting is an interesting read and if you are considering SaaS applications for your laboratory or organization, you will want to read this posting.

Here is a summary of the 10 trends for 2010:

1. SaaS will continue to grow in acceptance and prevalence in the marketplace but – the term itself will fade in favor of “Cloud (insert your term).”

2. Real business value in SaaS will continue to improve, be better understood and measured more explicitly.

3. Service ecosystems will rise.

4. New services will focus less on “doing it all from day one” and more on their roadmap

5. Integration requirements will drive standards for service-based communication and interaction.

6. End-user clients and platforms will continue to evolve and increase in their importance and differentiation.

7. Customer collaboration will become a more integrated and critical part of product management and business operations.

8. Agile will continue to grow in acceptance and will become the dominant approach for both development and business operations “in the cloud.”

9. There will be a growing awareness of the requirements and responsibilities implied by “mature services.”

10. SaaS vendors will stop trying to sell split versions.


To read the full posting, Click Here.

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