Service Plans

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Recognition of the driving forces of change and business decisions based on that recognition and understanding mean that LabLynx remains sharply relevant to its community — unavoidably, in fact, since one of the integral characteristics of our policy is being community-based. LabLynx is essentially the laboratory, scientific and medical community, and the community is in fact LabLynx, with products, information and countless other resources, customers, consultants, vendors, academicians, HR/recruiting professionals and all others who are involved in any aspect, all participating in discourse and various other interactions in a vibrant, dynamic community.

The consequences of change range from the immediate to the long-term. And they involve everything at every level and in every aspect, to one degree or another. While still being true to our mission and core principles, we implement the technologies and business initiatives that affect our internal infrastructure as well as our technology platforms, solution editions and more.

Here are some of the ways LabLynx is responding to the community and its forces for change, as well as what that means for you:

  1. Offering an open platform for community growth
  2. Offering an open platform for continuous innovation
  3. Providing lower total solution cost
  4. Providing future-proof solutions
  5. Giving increased value to users

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