Social Applications

Connecting with the LIMS Community

Connect with the LIMS Community through our social applications. At LabLynx, we want to foster the freedom of scientific information sharing, collaboration and creation. That’s why we’ve developed social platforms to connect with the diverse members of our laboratory communities.
  • LiMSForum

    Join our 1.5 million and growing scientific community members at LiMSForum. LiMSForum is a unique platform that offers group discussions, scientific journals, EBooks on trending topics, blogs by industry leading experts, a trade events calendar, database of bid opportunities, webinars, training courses and a free lab-specific job board.

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  • LiMSWiki

    A collaborative wiki dedicated to the scientific community with a repository of trending topics and research in laboratory informatics, bioinformatics and health informatics. The social environment also maintains in-depth information on laboratory equipment, vendors and open-source software likely to be used in the laboratory setting.

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