Social Media for Scientists – Presented by Scientists for Scientists

The following Slideshare presentation provides an interesting perspective from a scientist’s point of view regarding what is known as Social Media.  There is a lot of hype today in the press and around the office water cooler concerning “Social Media”.  Don’t get snowed or overwhelmed by all this stuff.  It is practical and can be useful to all scientific professionals and at a level that everyone can relate to.  Click Here to watch/listen to this presentation.

[slideshare id=1507158&doc=socialmediaforscientistsfinal-090529113747-phpapp02]

There is also the concept of using Social Media principles to conduct scientific work.  Such a tool for conducting this work can be found with  This is a software tool that is used by scientists to manage their work and to collaborate with others on a global basis.  Check out the video below to learn more about this tool:



This next video provides technical perspective on how these tools are integrated with other tools your laboratory may be using.



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