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LabLynx has taken care of Ecolyse sample chain of custody and data integration needs since late 2012. LabLynx has gone out of their way to customize our system to our somewhat unique specifications. The people at LabLynx have always been very responsive to make adjustments on the fly. We take data management very seriously. The quality of service we have received from LabLynx has been a huge part of our success – Thank you LabLynx!

— Elizabeth S.


I have worked with LabLynx for about 9 years now. We had to work closely together to have our LIMS programming specialized to fit our processes that were in place. John’s team has always been able to get the LIMS to do what we needed it to do, and they have always been there when I have needed them, even during a weekend several times. We recently have decided to move an antiquated spreadsheet inventory system over into LabLynx since most of the pieces are already there. I can’t wait to see how much wasted time will be eliminated and how much better information will be available to those who need it daily. Maybe we’ll find something else it can do for us in the future.

— Lane


At Technic we were using different databases to input data, order entry, product description, etc, all of which had become unmanageable to support as our IT group were being stretched. LabLynx helped us unravel the database tables, and merged the information into LIMS. Then LabLynx linked our customer service database to LIMS, allowing us to continue with some databases and get rid of the redundant ones. Next they customized our LIMS system to meet our needs, while I sat back with my feet up! Both the cost to implement and support LIMS, in my point of view, is excellent compared to other providers. The staff are always willing to help, and I would recommend LabLynx to any other Lab considering installing LIMS.

— Justin


When I came to our organization in 2008 we had just started using Lablynx’s LIMS solution. Since then we have added and customized it extensively to fit our needs. This is one of the things we love about this product – how versatile it is. Initially we housed the system at our facility but soon we transitioned it over to Lablynx to host. This has been one of our best decisions to date! Their service and support is outstanding. The customer always comes first and their loyalty and dedication to ensuring our system is running exactly as we want with the functionality we desire is unmatched. In today’s world working with people like John and his group who truly care, who want to help you succeed and who are not just in it to make a quick buck is truly a rare gift. One we treasure and one that has earned our loyalty and highest recommendation. I can’t say enough good things about them. There may be other competitors who can sell you a product, but no one else can provide or live up to the level of service Lablynx provides. They are truly remarkable.

— Stacie


We have used LabLynx since the start up of our laboratory. The training personnel were very helpful in teaching us how to set up all of our tests, panel, parameters, etc. It has now been 4 years since our start up and we are still using LabLynx. Their customer support is very responsive and understands any inquiry I have had. They are very good at resolving issues or implementing changes.

— Holly M.


Over ten years ago, we went from an old DOS system straight to the web based LIMS from Lablynx. What a transition that was! A couple of months after implementation the managers and the lab staff couldn’t figure out how we made it without LIMS. Lablynx really delivered for us again when they started hosting the web application and the database. That took all of the pressure off of our IT folks. Working with John Jones and the staff at Lablynx has been a surreal experience with no pressure from them to sell a product. I have never had one instance when dealing with Lablynx that I had a question about the company. We will be continuing our relationship with them for a long time to come.

— Mark


I have really enjoyed using the program and working with the LabLynx staff over the last three years. That we have not communicated very much in that time period is an indication that LabLynx delivers the services needed, both rapidly and reliably.

— Mark T.


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