The Laboratory, Scientific & Health Informatics Blogosphere: An Aggregated View

The Internet is the great democracy when it comes to information.  There is a lot of junk on the internet; however, there is also a lot of good stuff.  The idea is to cut through the c**p and get to the good stuff.  I think I have created a pretty good start when it comes to Laboratory, Scientific and Health Informatics information, with the creation of  The good thing about this is that it saves you the time from having to visit all these sites.  Just read the news article and if you are interested, click and it takes you to the article source.

Now understand that this is just a start, so I would like your feedback on adding blogs you think are useful and relevant.  I basically went to the blogs I visit all the time to keep up on current news and articles and took the RSS feeds of those sites and published them in one aggregated view at (which is a LIMS blog itself).  If you provide a meaningful suggestion, it is easy for me to add that to the aggregated view and voila, instant gratification (hopefully for everyone).

The following is the list of blogs currently being aggregated:

Laboratory Informatics Blog

The Integrated Lab

My ELN Life

Featured Articles on LIMSINFO.COM

Scott Johnston Inc. (LIMS Guy)

The LiMS Journal of John H. Jones

Health Informatics Blog

The Bioinformatics Blog

J&R Consulting, Inc. Weblog

Let me know if there are any blogs you would like me to add.  If I cannot add it, I will let you know why, otherwise I will just add it.

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