Frequently Asked Questions/Issues

If you have any questions you think should be included here, please post to the Help Desk and so note.

  • My report is in the Report Review/Approval list but won’t issue.

Make sure the physician entity on the order has Hard Copy selected as Report Method in the Patient Management screen.

  • What can I do in the Help Desk?

Submit tickets to hire people, do implementation tasks, anything. And you can assign your own staff (LabLynx can make them users in the HD).

  • I don't have a Help Desk account so I can't use it. How do I get one? Where do I go if I don't subscribe to the Help Desk support?

To subscribe to Help Desk support (or for any other additional services, products or features), simply go to and contact us using the contact form. All free HealthCloudPOL customers do get access to the User Forum through the Support section of the HealthCloudPOL site, where many common issues, tips and experiences are shared and discussed. The online manual is also accessible there, with step-by-step instructions with screenshots and lots of online videos of features and functions.

  • I accidentally ran the wrong test. The specimen was approved and went to “Complete” status. How can I run the right test and make sure the wrong result doesn’t show on the test?

Click the wrong test in the Specimen detail page, click the Cancel Test button, add the right test and then process as normal.

The LabLynx Wiki and Knowledge Base

The LabLynx Wiki is a wikipedia site specifically dedicated to all things LabLynx. It includes the LabLynx Knowledge Base and HealthCloudPOL manual's individual topic pages, along with much more information about all of the various LabLynx Products and Services, and other LabLynx-related articles and topics.

The LabLynx Wiki can be found at, and its main page contains links to the Knowledge Base and many other topics. However, a comprehensive search facility is provided at, which many find much easier to use than going to the wiki itself.

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