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Informatics is another name for information science[1], which is defined as "the collection, classification, storage, retrieval, and dissemination of recorded knowledge treated both as a pure and as an applied science"[2] The term is used especially in referring to computer-based data management.[3]

Informatics Is Science

In a very real sense, informatics is the essence of all science. What is science if not the pursuit of data, information? It is the short term goal and the ultimate goal: information that describes truth about everything and anything in the omniverse[4] - even the omniverse itself.

For the laboratory, informatics is about testing something or other and obtaining a result, which is generally expressed in a report of some kind. Without data there is no laboratory. Its fundamental purpose is to gather data that can be analyzed to generate conclusions, and usually to produce those conclusions. That is true for research, diagnostics - any scientific field you would care to name.

So it stands to reason that it is important - even vital - to pay close attention to matters of informatics in any scientific, laboratory or medical setting.

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