Parameter Groups Overview

HealthCloudPOL enables you to add and edit Parameter Groups. Parameter Groups are simply multiple analytes (parameters) derived from the Master Parameters List, grouped together for reporting purposes.

HCPOL comes with several standard Parameter Groups that serve as group headers for Patient Report results.

Parameter Groups List Screen

Parameter Groups 1.png

To Add or Edit a Parameter Group

The Parameter Group Type List screen displays Parameter Group information currently defined in the system. If you require an additional Parameter Group:

From the Parameter Group Type List, select a Parameter Group or click New New Button POL.png. The system displays the Parameter Group Details screen.

Parameter Groups 2.png

There are only two fields necessary to complete at this point:

  • Parameter Group Name - Type the name of the Parameter Group.
  • Parameter Group Description - Type the description of the Parameter Group.
  • Active - Do NOT check the checkbox until you have added the parameters you want.

Click Save Save Button POL.png. The system displays the Master Parameters frame.

Add Parameters to a Parameter Group

Select a Parameter Name from the list to edit or click the New New Button POL.png button on the Master Parameters frame (not the one on the main section). The system displays the Add/Edit Master Parameters web page dialog.

Parameter Groups 3.png

Select a Parameter to add to the Group by clicking Select, then choosing from the displayed list. There are multiple pages in the list. Scroll using the up/down page control or by simply typing a page number and pressing Enter. You also can filter for an item in the Master Parameter list by clicking on the Filter Filter Button.png and entering its name. Highlight the chosen Parameter and click the Select Select Button POL.png button, or just double-click on it.

Parameter Groups 4.png

Click Save Save Button POL.png.

The system returns to the Parameter Group Details screen with the selected Parameter now added to the Group. It is not necessary to Save, the Parameters are saved when selected.

Change or Remove Parameters from a Parameter Group

First, be sure the Parameters and Group you are modifying is not currently in process.

To change a Parameter in a Parameter Group, select the Parameter Group you want to modify and click the Edit link beside the Parameter you wish to change. Then simply select a different parameter in the same fashion as Add Parameters to a Parameter Group above.

To remove a Parameter from a Group, click the Remove link beside the Parameter you wish to remove.

Parameter Groups 5.png

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