Reports and Labels Overview

The Reports and Labels menu item in your HealthCloud Physician Office LIS is a convenient tool for generating your CLIA and Daily Billing reports, and also ad hoc accession labels.

IMPORTANT: the Reports and Labels menu item is NOT for issuing Results Reports. It does not archive nor version. It is for internal reports only. For Results Reports, use Report Review/Approval.

To Generate Reports

Navigate to the Reports and Labels menu item, where the list of reports available is displayed.

Reports and Labels 1.png

Use the drop-down Choose a Report picklist to select the report you want, and click View Report View Report Button.png. Depending upon the report selected, you may be asked to enter selection criteria (date range, etc.) The report displays as a .pdf popup, which can be saved, printed, etc.:

CLIA Test Count Report Preview.png

Internal reports and labels may be generated and printed/saved at any time. NOTE: Labels may also be generated from within the Order screen, using the Reports Report Button.png button. This is usually preferable, because the Order Number is then pre-selected for the report.

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