Specimen Types Overview

This is an Administrative function rather than a standard lab operation. Only users with LIMS Administrator or equivalent profile have this on their menu and may access it.

The Specimen Types List screen displays Specimen/Sample Types currently defined in the system and provides a means to define additional Specimen, or Sample, Types. A Specimen Type is also called a Matrix. A useful application of Specimen Types is to filter the tests on the Order Management screen to only display those tests that were assigned the same Sample Type as the specimen in question, which HealthCloudPOL does by default.

If it is important to separate your tests by Specimen Type you can create a test for a particular Sample Type, copy that test and change the Sample Type and possibly the Result Units for use on another matrix.

HealthCloudPOL contains several default Sample Types, which should be sufficient for most labs. If, however, you have need to define additional ones or you wish to delete or inactivate existing ones, this can be done here.

Users can make good use of this field in querying data for specimens. On all of the screens where it is used, the Sample Type is a picklist (drop-down list) where the user selects the desired type.

Specimen Types Menu Item

Sample Types 1.png

To Add or Edit Specimen Types

The Sample Types List screen displays Specimen Type information currently defined in the system.

From the Sample Types List, select a Sample Type to edit or click the New New Button POL.png button to create a new one.

Sample Types 2.png

Complete the two fields of the screen. Both are Bold fields and are required.

  • Specimen Type - Type the Specimen/Sample Type name (e.g. Tissue, Blood, Urine, etc. There are default Sample Types already defined in HealthCloudPOL).
  • Sample Type Description - Enter a Sample Type description (usually the same as the name of the Specimen Type).

When you are finished, click Save Save Button POL.png and then Done Done Button.png.

Important Note: Once a Sample (Specimen) Type is used in the system it should not be deleted. This will cause problems in reporting and in those areas where that Sample Type was used.

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