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The entire scientific, laboratory and medical community includes everyone who plays any role at all in this industry, and that includes:
  • Consultants
  • Vendors
  • Lab Techs/Analysts
  • Lab Managers/Supervisors/Owners
  • Med techs
  • Physicians
  • Validation/Compliance Specialists
  • Students/Academicians
  • Developers
  • Executives
  • Sales People
  • Engineers
  • Career Placement Specialists
  • You

The list is long and comprehensive. And all are involved to varying degrees with managing information or data of various types.

It is these who make up the community, constituting, really, a community digital business ecosystem (CDBE). We are all involved with each other, and modern trends are to include end-users in the entire product cycle for app development, so that there is real participation, cooperation and thus effective progress that benefits producers and consumers alike. This book is for you.

The Community DBE: Invest, Participate, Benefit

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The advent of the Internet, cloud computing, open source apps and related communities, social networking and more have brought about a new model for business, one that includes the community it serves in integral ways. Digital Business Ecosystems (DBEs) make use of inter-company interactions to increase efficiency and quality of cost-effective production by leveraging different specialized attributes of each participant, to the mutual benefit of all participants. This is especially true in the realm of informatics.[1] With new forces of change in play, new life is injected into the concept of the CDBE, or Community Digital Business Ecosystem. In this model, end-users of applications and related products and services are involved both at the inception of development and innovation, and at the culmination of it, as the consumers of those products and services. They participate initially by providing the insight into requirements, which companies then seek to meet (or indeed exceed). Even then the community is involved, giving feedback to each iteration, through to final product.

The rest of the community is also involved in this model, providing their skills and services, as well as products, to each other and/or receiving the benefits of those skills/services and products. In any ecosystem there is systemic interaction based on authentic needs and fulfillment.® is the first and only CDBE of, for and by the laboratory, scientific and healthcare community: a free-to-join, open membership platform with innumerable apps, resources and benefits in an open-information flow environment that supports and enhances effective and efficient advancement of the community as a whole and members individually.

The disruptive innovations brought about by these driving forces of change mean that the community and marketplace are being changed, probably forever, as each of us discovers our empowerment to make a difference in our own professional lives, through collaboration.
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