What do you get when you use a pharmaceutical LIMS for a Water / Waste Water Laboratory?

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I think this image is very appropriate for describing what life will be like for a water /waste water lab that chooses a LIMS built for the pharmaceutical industry.



  1. Michael Hatton says:

    What do you get when you use a pharmaceutical LIMS for a Water / Waste Water Laboratory? Redundancy/over-complexity, this is not true for a comprehensive, modern LIMS that allows functionality to be loaded or not, to meet the given customer’s demands. Modularity is more common these days. Having said that, a modern LIMS is overkill in many cases, but its better that way than trying to meet changing demands with a low functionality offering that just never will meet new requirements whether regulatory or through work demands. Something flexible is bendable.

  2. John H. Jones says:


    That is very true on all accounts. The image is meant to show that a one-size-fits-all approach to a LIMS implementation is not a good thing. For a highly configurable LIMS it should come pre-packaged with a configuration that is specific to the application it is intended for. So if you see a LIMS that is built for pharma trying to be used in an enviro situation, then there are better choices of products/solutions.

    Our own product is built for tons of different applications and we have tons of preconfigured solution templates. The LIMS must be flexible in order to allow for configuration templates.


  3. I would like to counter that with the following:

    What do you get when you use a Life Science, Bio-pharmaceutical & Non- Waste Water LIMS for chemical compounds, liquids or beverage process control?

    A safe clinical non-clinical, compound, an regulated byproduct, chemical and/or a cool drink. Beer any one?


    John, the cartoon is just a representation of the complexity of the unknown waste of human & other resources. Great analogy!

    G. V. Range

  4. Gladys,

    Thanks for the comments. The cartoon makes for good giggle.


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