LabLynx, Inc. was the first Laboratory Informatics provider to deliver a true browser-based Laboratory Information Management Solution in 1997. LabLynx, Inc. was incorporated as an independently owned and operated software company in July 2000.

LabLynx was once a product division of a diversified IT consulting company purchased by a group of investors experienced in both LIMS and Information Technology Management. The core LabLynx team has combined software development and laboratory management experience of over 575 human years invested in the LabLynx LIMS product lines.

Additionally, LabLynx has been the leader in establishing the paradigm of the LIMS as a total laboratory solution, rather than just a means to track samples. The result is that LabLynx is a LIMS vendor dedicated to you, your information, and your workload management. We want to make all laboratory, scientific, and healthcare organizations more productive.

Experience and Diversity Is Our Difference

difference2Not every experience is pleasant, but they all help us to grow and become better people and better companies. In the 15+ years we’ve been around we’ve taken our share of licks along with the successes, and we think that makes us stronger and more able to meet your needs. We’ve been in business long enough to know where the snags can be and how to avoid them. Winners don’t make the same mistake twice.

We have found that our approach gives us the best chance for success, combining a large network of over a hundred Informatics professionals and solution providers with a small and efficient core business model. This powerful combination gives us the agility, versatility, and ability to provide personal service that being a small business affords, yet it also allows us to leverage the skills, knowledge and many other resources our network provides.

Additionally, LabLynx, Inc. has not limited itself to one or two industries or types of labs. As one of the most diversified LIMS vendors, no more than 5% of our customer base is in any one given marketplace. Some of the environments the LabLynx products are implemented in include the medical, biotechnology, molecular diagnostics, material testing, manufacturing, agricultural, water/wastewater, forensics, food & beverage, environmental, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries to name a few.

This experience across a number of types of environments means that both the LabLynx product lines and our personnel have become more robust and versatile over time, minimizing the potential new issues we may encounter as each has been addressed. And there is value in the synergy of an issue in one environment speaking to another area in a completely different install, and as the one is solved, so the overall product and associated services are improved exponentially.

LabLynx Is Your Advantage

Happy manager in a healthcare labWhether you are a single user, a global entity, or somewhere in between, we hope you agree that the LabLynx is the right LIMS vendor for you.  With Laboratory Informatics Applications that are a product of thoughtful design based on the latest technology, constructed to offer the greatest possible degree of configurability, flexibility, scalability and functionality, you receive the only real solution able to offer you the confidence that it can fit your individual needs, and will continue to be useful for many years, regardless of the growth or diversification of your business.

Success for Your laboratory is our single focus above everything else.