Training: Clear, Concise, and Hands-On

Given the level of configuration and customization needed to create a LIMS that supports your lab’s services, your laboratory team will need learning resources tailored to their needs and skill sets.

Considerations When Training LIMS Software Users

While LabLynx prides itself on a creating user-friendly laboratory software applications—in particular the LabLynx ELab laboratory information management system (LIMS)—we also understand the importance of LIMS training for your laboratory staff to ensure they can effectively and efficiently use the software to perform their daily tasks.

LabLynx recognizes a variety of critical components to providing effective instruction to LIMS users. It’s important to:

Identify the Needs

Before LabLynx provides training, it assesses the training needs of the users, taking into account their current skills and knowledge, as well as the specific tasks and responsibilities they will be using the software for.

Use a Variety of Methods

Different users may prefer different types of training, such as in-person training, online training, or self-paced learning. It is important to LabLynx to use a range of training methods to accommodate different learning styles and preferences.

Provide Clear & Concise Instructions

All LabLynx training materials are clearly written and easy to understand, with step-by-step instructions and examples to help users learn the software.

Offer Practice & Hands-On Experience

LabLynx provides users with opportunities to practice using the software and receive hands-on experience to help them gain confidence and proficiency with the software.

Provide Ongoing Support & Resources

LabLynx understands the value of providing ongoing support and resources to users as they continue to learn and use the software, including user manuals, FAQs, support hotlines, and chat services.

LabLynx’s Approach to Training

LabLynx conducts online training sessions that use your LIMS implementation, not a generic demonstration LIMS. Every session is recorded for your laboratory team to review at any time. In-person training is available upon request.

Administrator training sessions cover every aspect of managing your LIMS. LabLynx conducts separate training sessions for each role in your lab so your staff gets the information that matters most to them.

Comprehensive training—including all manuals, video presentations, demonstrations, and hand-on operations training—is provided during the implementation process to:

  • IT administrators
  • ELab administrators
  • Users
  • Report developers
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LabLynx doesn’t just sell laboratory software. Our knowledgeable and patient training engineers provide your laboratory staff with clear and concise instructions, offer practice and hands-on experience, and provide ongoing support and resources. These training services represent just one important component of an overall package of LIMS software solutions and services to help your laboratory exceed its operational objectives while remaining lean and relevant in a highly competitive market. Find out how all the LabLynx solutions and services help give you more control over your lab’s operations.
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