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Your Ideal LIMS for Cannabis Testing

Which Cannabis LIMS software solution is best for your lab? The LabLynx CannaQA Standard Edition LIMS is designed for the start-up cannabis testing laboratory that needs to get up and running quickly. For larger labs with higher sample volume and the need for complete system control and configuration, the LabLynx…
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Why LabLynx?

The laboratory informatics market is saturated with LIMS vendors who want to sell you their LIMS software. At LabLynx, we want to work with your lab to create a LIMS solution that meets your needs today and in the future. Regardless of lab size or industry, LabLynx is an experienced…
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Ideal LIMS for Your Laboratory

LabLynx ELab LIMS is a flexible, scalable, configurable LIMS that can be moulded to your lab’s specific workflow. Our team of laboratory experts and application engineers work with you to adjust our system into a solution that meets your needs.…
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Healthcare & Clinical Diagnostics

Designed specifically for the healthcare and clinical diagnostic industries, LabLynx’s Healthcare Solution is a complete laboratory product suite that combines a physician portal, patient portal, ELN and an industry-specific versioning of our ELab LIMS that features a LIMS/LIS hybrid.…
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Forensics & Medical Examiners

Manage your cases, evidence and samples in a secure, auditable environment with LabLynx ELab LIMS for Forensics and Medical Examiners. With our configurable, flexible solution, you can manage every aspect of your lab’s data and operations.…
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