Medical Devices LIMS

Medical device laboratories need a LIMS that supports their contributions to patient safety, manufacturing efficiency and business productivity.

Improve Lab Operations with Medical Devices LIMS

Medical device manufacturers rely on laboratory testing to ensure their products meet exacting manufacturing quality standards such as 21 CFR Part 820 and ISO 13485. This testing covers all aspects of the manufacturing process from raw material acceptance to environmental monitoring to biocompatibility. Whether these are the responsibilities of a single lab or multiple departments, all testing results must be accessible by stakeholders throughout the organization. These reasons and more make a flexible, scalable LIMS essential for any medical device testing laboratory.

LabLynx configures ELab LIMS for Medical Devices with everything your lab needs to support your company’s quality, safety and business goals. Our modular LIMS platform scales to meet the needs of testing operations at any scale. As the central source of truth for your lab’s testing activities, ELab LIMS improves data sharing within your lab and with the rest of the organization. At the same time, ELab LIMS for Medical Devices makes laboratory operations more efficient and better able to meet ISO 17025, ASCA and other laboratory standards.

Medical Devices LIMS | LabLynx

Medical Device LIMS Configured for Your Laboratory's Unique Needs

Sample Management & Tracking

Cross-industry modularity lets LabLynx’s experts pre-configure your LIMS with the standard test methods required by CPSC, FDA and industry best practices.

Lot & Batch Management

Associate each sample by lot or batch number to improve traceability and speed the identification of potential quality issues.

Configurable Methods & Workflows

Without any coding, your staff can modify or add methods to quickly respond to changes in the manufacturing process or new business requirements.

Customizable Reports

Report-building tools let you create customized COAs and other reports that automatically draw data directly from ELab LIMS.

Instrument Integration

Eliminate error-prone manual setups and data transfers by integrating your instruments with ELab LIMS. Improve up-time by planning maintenance and calibration events.

System Integration

Link your LIMS with your enterprise’s production quality management and other systems to make testing data more accessible to stakeholders.

Secure Access Control

Defining access permissions by each user’s role, certifications, location and department improves security while keeping your lab aligned with best practices.

Streamlined Accreditation & Compliance

Automation, record keeping, documentation storage and other features help your lab achieve and maintain ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation while conforming to regulatory guidance.

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