Toxicology LIMS

The LabLynx ELab LIMS for Toxicology laboratories provides the simple configurability you need for rapid diagnosis and high-volume tox screenings. We start by tailoring our ELab LIMS platform to the unique combination of clinical toxicology, environmental medicine, and screening services your lab offers. Simple interfaces let you quickly develop new workflows or modify existing processes.

Toxicology LIMS with Reliable Results and Regulatory Support

Harmful chemicals, addictive substances, and disease-causing agents are affecting our lives more each day. Your toxicology lab needs an informatics solution that can help you identify and track a wide array of substances quickly and efficiently. The LabLynx Toxicology LIMS is a flexible software solution that will complement any toxicology laboratory, while also being a reliable, scalable, and secure backbone to your operations. Whether your business deals in addiction treatment, pain management, or forensic toxicology, we offer a product with a heavy focus on the toxicology industry that can be further customized to suit your specific lab’s needs.

Additionally, the LabLynx LIMS is both a LIMS and a laboratory information system (LIS). We offer sample-, patient-, and result-focused workflows to ensure you receive everything you need in one package.

The LabLynx LIMS helps you meet all compliance needs across multiple regulatory bodies. LabLynx will help your lab stay on top of accreditations for HIPAA, CLIA, CAP, 21 CFR Part 11, and more.

Toxicology LIMS | LabLynx

A LIMS Software Solution Unique to Your Toxicology Lab

The LabLynx LIMS offers a wide variety of features that are focused on toxicology lab activities, including drug screening, therapeutic treatment, forensic analysis, and more. Some of its features and benefits include:

Single & Group Sample Management

Build your sample management around single sample tracking or group them into orders, while managing both in the same system. Create requisitions and forms quickly to manage orders.


Let LabLynx help you with one of the most time-consuming pre-analytical tasks. Improve your processes and get those specimens and samples entered quickly and accurately.

Testing Workflows

Create and manage tests, as well as integrations to instruments, automation, and other analysis platforms. From drug screening to confirmation panels, the LabLynx LIMS helps you track results using quantitative or qualitative methods.

Panels & Packages

Quickly build orders by offering packages and panels of both common groupings of tests and custom offerings of screenings and confirmations.

Batch Processing

Load up all your samples into batches for quick review, data entry, or result entry from integration with an instrument or third-party lab.

Drug Consistency

Configure testing and reporting to flag for consistent/inconsistent results, filter out prescribed drugs, manage detection flagging, and more.

Results Entry

Post-analytical options also include process management, calculations, reflex testing, limits, reference ranges, notes, and more. Whether performed manually or automated, the LabLynx LIMS can get you through the results process quickly.

Instrument Management

Connect all your laboratory’s instruments to the LabLynx LIMS. Track maintenance and include instruments in workflows to make data sharing simple and error-free.

Chain Of Custody

LabLynx helps you track samples and data along every point of the workflow.

Control Charts

Quickly review and quality check data through the use of Levey-Jennings control charts, with the ability to customize for Westgard Rules.

Contact Management

Create, manage, and track patients, physicians, locations, staff records, and more all in one complete HIPAA-compliant system.


Track billing using CPT and ICD-10 codes. The LabLynx LIMS can even integrate with your preferred billing management platform.

Customized Reporting

LabLynx can help you build reports to your requirements with logos, custom designs, and more. The software offers the ability to create preliminary, final, and amended reports, which can be generated manually or automatically and delivered in a variety of ways. Report using qualitative or quantitative results. You can also display patient history and compare previous results to current results.


Share your data securely while also streamlining your processes by integrating with instruments, electronic health records (EHRs), electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs), billing services, reference labs, and more. With support for HL7 or APIs, the LabLynx LIMS has you covered.

Document Hosting & Management

Store standard operating procedures (SOPs), training manuals and records, certifications, regulatory files, receipts, reports, and all your lab’s vital operations documents within the LIMS for easy access.

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