Consulting: Assess, Advise, and Act

Does your laboratory need help improving operations and achieving its business goals? While some may turn to a management consulting firm or free tools offered by an industry association, like the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), there are other professional options, like the experienced LabLynx team.

Steps of a Successful Laboratory Consulting Service

Let the knowledgeable LabLynx team provide expert guidance, resources, and support to help your lab identify and address challenges and opportunities, and implement effective strategies for success. LabLynx recognizes and uses a four-step laboratory consulting process while working with your laboratory:

1. Assess Your Current Operations

We help you understand how your lab is currently functioning and identify any areas for improvement. This may involve analyzing your processes, systems, and resources, and gathering input from stakeholders.

2. Develop Recommendations

Based on the assessment, we’ll work with you to develop recommendations for improving your operations. These recommendations may include changes to processes, systems, and resources, as well as strategies for implementing those changes.

3. Provide Guidance & Support

We not only help you implement the recommended changes, but we also provide guidance and support throughout the process. This may involve providing training, developing implementation plans, and offering ongoing support and resources.

4. Measure Results

We help you measure the results of the implemented changes to ensure that they are achieving their intended objectives, and then we identify any additional opportunities for improvement.

LabLynx Consulting

LabLynx provides a range of consulting services to help businesses improve their operations, including strategy development, process improvement, and organizational change management. LabLynx is more than a laboratory information management system (LIMS) vendor offering laboratory informatics solutions for labs challenged with modernizing their laboratory testing. We also provide the following consulting services:

  • Development of laboratory software requirements
  • Support with good laboratory practice guidelines
  • Support for compliance and regulatory reviews
  • Optimization of workflows
  • Planning and staffing of your lab
  • Acquisition and integration of instruments
  • Validation of software installations
  • Improvement of lab performance and efficiency
  • Training

LabLynx has a team of laboratory, engineering, and business professionals available to help our laboratory partners. Our team includes chemists, biologists, lab project managers, clinical diagnostics managers, laboratory QA/QC officers, commercial laboratory managers, and biomedical and process engineers.

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Don’t think of LabLynx as a laboratory software provider, but more a complete solution for your lab. Our team will help assess your current laboratory operations, offer advice for remedying key pain points, and provide guidance and support as your lab implements change. Of course, our consulting services are just one important component of an overall package of LIMS software solutions and services to help your laboratory exceed its operational objectives while remaining lean and relevant in a highly competitive market. Find out how all the LabLynx solutions and services help give you more control over your lab’s operations.
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