Discrete Manufacturing LIMS

With multiple labs performing different testing, discrete manufacturers need a LIMS that can unify data management while improving laboratory performance and efficiency.

ELab LIMS Supports Every Lab in Your Discrete Manufacturing Organization

Manufacturers of discrete products have laboratories with many responsibilities. Parts, assemblies and raw materials from suppliers must be tested for compliance and quality. Testing assures quality throughout the manufacturing process. Finished goods or assemblies must be tested to meet safety, quality and performance requirements. R&D requires iterative exploratory testing. Although small manufacturers may have one lab for everything, most will assign testing responsibilities to separate labs. What these various labs share is the need for an informatics solution that makes them more productive and efficient.

ELab LIMS for Discrete Manufacturing is the flexible, scalable informatics solution your labs need to perform testing more effectively. A powerful cloud platform with deep capabilities, ELab LIMS lets you tailor a solution for your unique manufacturing processes. Integrations inside and outside the lab let data flow seamlessly between your instruments, LIMS, ERP and quality systems. Your staff will not experience this complexity thanks to fine-tuned access controls that filter what they see in ELab LIMS’ easy browser interfaces. ELab LIMS for Discrete Manufacturing unifies data management in every lab, helping you improve turnaround time, accuracy and productivity.

Discrete Manufacturing LIMS | LabLynx

Powerful Capabilities for Every Discrete Manufacturing Lab

Scalable for Any Lab

From a single-lab operation to complex multi-location, multi-department organizations, ELab LIMS unifies data management in a secure cloud platform.

Configurable Methods & Workflows

Respond to changes in manufacturing faster. Your staff can quickly add new methods or modify existing methods to test new raw materials or enhance quality testing.

Specifications & Limits Management

When you define specifications and limits by sample type, product, location and other variables, ELab LIMS will automatically flag out-of-spec test results.

Results Management

Send results and reports through tiered review processes with digital signatures. Develop custom COAs, regulatory filings and other reports specific to your business.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Configure ELab LIMS to support quality testing with control charting tools and custom reports. Or integrate ELab LIMS with enterprise-wide quality management systems.

Instrument Integration & Management

Eliminate data handling errors by integrating ELab LIMS with your lab’s instruments. Maximize uptime by monitoring performance as well as scheduling maintenance and calibration sessions.

Fine-Grained Access Controls

ELab LIMS protects proprietary data while simplifying the user experience. Define access rules by role, location, department and other criteria to limit users’ access to just the systems they need.

Streamline Accreditation & Regulatory Compliance

ELab LIMS goes beyond storing SOP documents by keeping an auditable record of your lab’s activity. Query and reporting tools let you quickly produce information needed for ISO/IEC 17025 assessments and regulatory filings.

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