Consumer Goods LIMS

To ensure consumer product safety, testing laboratories need a flexible LIMS that supports their varied products and methods.

Consumer Goods LIMS Makes Your Lab More Responsive and Productive

Consumer product testing labs perform a variety of mechanical, chemical, microbial and other tests to document the safety and conformity of general consumer products, children’s products or cosmetics. Methods and workflows for each kind of test can vary depending on the nature of the product being tested. Adding to this complexity is the rate at which manufacturers and importers introduce new products to the market. Whether you run an in-house lab or an independent testing lab, you need a LIMS that can handle dynamic market conditions while supporting your customers’ reasonable testing programs.

ELab LIMS for Consumer Goods will make your lab more responsive to customers’ testing needs while improving productivity and testing performance. Pre-configured with the industry-standard methods you use every day, ELab LIMS evolves with your business. Simple interfaces let your staff add or modify methods to support new testing services. Report-building tools let you create customer-specific COAs, COCs, CPCs, GCCs and other reports. In addition, ELab LIMS offers automation features that eliminate error-prone manual processes, improve testing accuracy and reduce turnaround times. With ELab LIMS for Consumer Goods, your lab can deliver high-quality consumer product testing services that get your customers’ products to market faster.

Consumer Goods LIMS | LabLynx

Adaptable and Configurable for Your Lab’s Consumer Goods Testing Services

Modular LIMS Platform

Cross-industry modularity lets LabLynx’s experts pre-configure your LIMS with the standard test methods required by CPSC, FDA and industry best practices.

Configurable Methods & Workflows

Browser interfaces let your staff quickly modify methods and workflows to test new products, adopt new instruments or offer new testing services.

Sample Management

Track products and test samples from registration throughout the testing process. Monitor stored samples to support long-term testing for continued compliance.

Instrument Integration & Management

Eliminate manual setups and data transfers by linking your instruments with ELab LIMS. Track instrument performance and schedule maintenance or calibration events to maximize your lab’s uptime.

Inventory Management

Ensure you never run out of reagents, PPE and other consumables by using ELab LIMS to manage all laboratory supplies and automatically generate replenishment orders.

Accessible, Secure Cloud Platform

Improve morale and productivity by letting staff analyze test results and write reports while working from home. ELab LIMS runs in a secure, encrypted cloud environment to provide anywhere, anytime access without placing your customers’ proprietary data at risk.

Control User Access by Role & Qualification

Enhance your lab’s security and performance by using ELab LIMS to limit employees’ access to tests and instruments. Set role-based or location-based policies and base access on the status of employees’ certifications.

Manage Performance & Accreditations

Improve testing quality by documenting your lab’s processes and evaluating performance over time. Combined with audit and reporting tools, ELab LIMS streamlines ISO/IEC 17025 and other accreditations.

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