About Us

Launched as its own independently owned software company in 2000, LabLynx was the first laboratory informatics provider to deliver a true browser-based Laboratory Information Management Solution [LIMS] to the industry.

Our History

  • 1997
    Our Start

    Before LabLynx was a company, it was a product. The browser-based LIMS first hit the informatics scene in 1997 when LabLynx was still a product division of Atlanta Systems Consultants, Inc. (ASC). In 1997, ASC owner John H. Jones took the LabLynx product to Pittcon Conference to demonstrate the first browser-based LIMS to appear at the time. After the conference, LabLynx the product started to gain significant traction in the market. LabLynx went on to separate from ASC in 2000 after landing a major contract with the U.S. Customs Service, thus forming its own company – LabLynx, Inc.

  • 2001
    Moving to Application Focused Distribution

    LabLynx expanded its offerings and introduced a new edition of its LIMS called webLIMS. webLIMS launched LabLynx into a new business style, the application service provider model of distribution.

  • 2003
    The Origin of LiMSForum

    LabLynx founded LiMSFinder, an online interactive magazine. This magazine’s rapid growth in popularity led LabLynx to develop its social applications division – the Laboratory Informatics Institute – which launched in 2006. The Laboratory Informatics Institute has a focus on open community building and information sharing. Under this new division, LiMSFinder soon expanded to become a popular hub for laboratory information and community. In 2015, LiMSFinder transitioned to our current, robust laboratory community platform, LiMSForum. With over 1.5 million users and growing, LiMSForum serves as an open platform for group discussions, networking, continuing education, trending industry journals, thought leadership and more.

  • 2004
    The beginning of our Open Source Initiative

    LabLynx released a new browser-based LIMS customization tool, OpenLIMS, that ignited LabLynx’s passion for contributing to open-source technology. As an early adaptation of open source laboratory technology, OpenLIMS showcased the positive impact this new development movement could have on the science community by providing labs an option to break away from the big tech supported platforms. It gave lab directors and managers an opportunity to have freedom over the technology they use, and an independence from being reliant on controlling platforms. From there, LabLynx started sponsoring and developing open-source technology with a focus on giving technology independence back to the science community. This drive towards open-source technology fueled the creation of LabLynx’s open-source non-profit platform, JetSoft. JetSoft supports developers in the creation of new open source technologies that can be used in the scientific industry and beyond.

  • 2016
    Expanding Laboratory Solutions with ELab

    LabLynx launched its latest version of the LIMS, ELab, which changed the LIMS to cross-browser compatibility. It also led to the inception of, LabLynx’s lab informatics app platform that hosts the company’s current application library including ELab LIMS, myLabCare portal, LabDrive and more.

  • 2022

    The LabLynx team has a combined 575 human years of laboratory experience devoted to the LIMS product lines. Our solutions are developed by knowledgeable, laboratory professionals with background in the unique challenges our clients face. We continue to apply that understanding to deliver ideal solutions created specifically for the modern laboratory.

Our Mission

The mission of LabLynx, Inc. is to provide Information Technology solutions to the entire laboratory marketplace to improve lab operations, reduce costs and continuously improve quality while empowering the laboratory to adapt to market and regulatory demands.

LabLynx delivers the best value LIMS solutions to our clients & community where value is defined by the ideal relationship between Quality, Functionality and Service delivered at the best price. This optimum relationship is determined by the marketplace and is not static and as such, LabLynx must continuously innovate & adapt to the marketplace needs, to maintain the mission.

Our Foundation

At LabLynx, we build our company and products through the lens of the 5 pillars of our foundation, or as we call them, the 5 P’s. Each represents the integral pieces of our company that are vital to our mission of developing the next generation of laboratory informatics solutions.
  • Principles

    At LabLynx, we stand behind our corporate principles. They guide all aspects of LabLynx and are the main drivers of our mission. We strive to foster innovative, open, client focused environments, and our principles help assure this through adaptation. Our core business principles are:

    • Open Community Leadership
    • Client focused innovations
    • Continuous improvements to everything that makes up LabLynx

  • People

    At LabLynx, it’s our people that truly set us apart. Our staff is made up of experienced, laboratory professionals that are passionate about creating the best solutions possible for our clients. Our staff understands the unique challenges our clients face, and they continue to find innovative solutions to improve laboratory operational efficiency. Our people are our most valuable asset in delivering innovative laboratory solutions, and functions performed by LabLynx staff in support and compliance with our mission.

  • Platforms

    The Platforms consist of people, processes, cloud systems and applications, organized into a Digital Business Ecosystem (DBE) that will enable LabLynx to deliver on its mission of flexible adaptation to market and client demands. The systems and applications we use are the same as those that we provide to our clients within all of our product lines. Basically, we eat the same food we grow and sell to our clients.
    Our platforms are built and focus on: Technology, People, Applications & Services

  • Past Experience

    At LabLynx, we are never satisfied with the status quo; we always strive to improve upon our past products and successes. We want to continue to push forward in our innovation journey. This is why Past Experience is one of our 5 P’s. At LabLynx, we remember where we started, build upon our previous products and remember the lessons learned along the way as we deliver the next generation of informatics solutions.

  • Planned Future

    At LabLynx, planning for the future and thinking outside of the box is at the core of what we do. We keep future innovations at the top of mind, and we are always testing new technology to better support the laboratory industry. Planning for the future is at the core of our foundation as we strive to never stagnate and to continue moving forward.

The LabLynx Formula for Success

The formula that delivers a client specific solution is:

Solution = Technology + People + Applications + Services.

The client solution consists of open applications & devices plus open access, social content plus managed services delivered by an open community of professional peers. The final result is to deliver Open, Cloud based Solutions that our clients, users & communities will love for life because it adapts to life.