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Specially designed for cannabis testing and flexible enough to support all regulations and standards no matter where your lab is located or your type of testing.

LIMS Software for the Cannabis Laboratory

CannaQA is a cloud-hosted, state-of-the-art LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), specially designed for all cannabis testing and flexible enough to support all regulations and standards no matter where your lab is located.
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LIMS Software for the Cannabis Laboratory | LabLynx

The Standard Cannabis LIMS Package

The standard package is the minimum required feature set to ensure regulatory-compliant cannabis testing and reporting, with the ability to also manage inventory, product specifications, instruments, training, and more. This package provides most everything you need and want, without incurring the added expense of add-ons such as automation and integration tools and other available options. However, those useful options can readily be added to your LIMS from the start, or added one by one any time you like.
The Standard Cannabis LIMS Package | LabLynx

Client-Facing Web Portal

ELab for Cannabis comes packaged with a customizable client-facing web portal. Choose reporting only or full-function submission, labeling, invoicing/payments and more. Branded with your logos and design features.
Client-Facing Web Portal | LabLynx

Introducing LabVia

For situations that require a more complex integration, we provide LabLynx’s LabVia – an exclusive middleware and hub hardware/software product, available through® to manage your connections and data sharing.
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LabLynx CannaQA LIMS Offerings

Whether a startup cannabis lab or a well-established enterprise laboratory, LabLynx has the perfect cannabis testing solution for your operational needs.

Standard Edition

Our CannaQA Standard Edition gives you all the functions and features LabLynx has developed over more than two decades serving across every industry – now specially configured and customized for CBD, hemp and non-track-and-trace cannabis testing labs! Even better: be fully set up and running product samples within few weeks!

Enterprise Edition

CannaQA Enterprise offers you this and more. Our Enterprise Edition offers you LabLynx’s complete cannabis testing suite with the added advantage of complete system control and configuration. You can adjust workflows, labels, testing packages and more to fit your lab’s specific needs. CannaQA Enterprise also offers direct integrations with your state’s track-and-trace system.

Compare Features

Compare Standard and Enterprise features below, then give us a call to set up a demo!
Features Standard Edition Enterprise Edition

Receive samples either as a batch or as single samples. Unique IDs are automatically assigned (based on your own preferred format), barcode labels can be printed any time, and tests can be assigned (based on product specification, client, and/or state requirements). Upload any images or associated documents, set due dates, set priority level, and more.

Standard Test Package
Receive all standard tests, with editable limit sets for each parameter. These include:

  • cannabinoids (potency)
  • terpenes
  • pesticides
  • residual solvents
  • microorganisms
  • mycotoxins
  • heavy metals
  • foreign material

Regulatory-Compliant Certificate of Analysis (COA)
Produce cannabis analysis reports by single sample.

Specification Management
Create, store, and apply product-specific tests with limit sets that ensure effective quality control.

Entity & Contact Management
Track information on every company, agency, or other entity you do business with, including any associated tests or specifications, parent organizations, divisions, and individuals. Assign login credentials for accessing the client-facing web portal.

File Library
Centrally store and access documents while tracking revisions. Host your quality management documents, standard operating procedures, methods, specification sheets, and any other files you need to manage.

Supervisor & Analyst Worklists
View sample backlog with due dates, priority, current status, who is assigned, etc. Filter and search for specific records.

Test Management
Create any kind of test you need, any time, with any number and kind of process steps, parameters, and limits for each parameter. Add quality control (QC) types and frequencies automatically with the tests, or create them separately and add during analysis processes. Or choose the optional pre-loaded test set for your state or country while still having the ability to add other tests any time.

Instrument Management
Track maintenance and calibration schedules, history, documents, manuals, and more.

QC Charts
Identify trends using basic control charting. Multiple and more complex trending charts/graphs are available in the reports module. The Control Charts II optional feature allows for individual graphs.

Track result entry, changes, and global edits/saves, all while being accessible according to any search criteria. Keeps you compliant with all standards and regulations.

Label & Worksheet
One preconfigured sample label with barcode and one analytical batch worksheet.

Client Web Portal (Reporting)
Includes a client-facing web portal where your customers can log in and view/print their Certificate of Analysis reports. Customized with your logo.

Data Warehouse (Default)
Use the advanced search filter for data access/mining.

Client Web Portal (Full-Function)
The Enterprise Edition includes a client-facing web portal that allows them to submit samples as well as view/print reports. Include any functions and features you need. Let clients print out barcoded labels for their samples, view and pay invoices and more. Customized with your logos and design features.

Data Warehouse (Customized)
Configure the data warehouse archive table with relevant results-related fields. Customize the advanced search filter for tailored data access/mining.

Inventory Management
Use barcode labels to track all stocks, standards, reagents, equipment, samples, or anything else in the laboratory. Set stock-level alerts and more. Document the check-in and out, transfer of possession, and disposal of any items in the lab.

Training Management
Track all training and certifications, including training schedules, history, documentation, assigned staff, etc.

Report Management Tools
Create any kind of internal metric, customer result, or product analysis reports and labels, as well as other types of reports and labels, with dedicated report designer tool. Control review and approval of reports before they are issued. Filter lists by multiple criteria and export as an Excel file.

Track-And-Trace Interfacing
The Enterprise Edition comes with the ability to interface with your state’s track-and-trace system using our exclusive LabVia solution.

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