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Your platform for all your lab’s data management, is the secure, reliable cloud-hosted foundation for your laboratory’s entire app ecosystem. Affordable and scalable, gives laboratories the full range of capabilities they need without having to make large investments in IT infrastructure.
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Platform as a Service (PaaS) is your like your own personal hosting service that comes already equipped with some handy apps. Finally you have an affordable place to add your own open source apps or host any cloud apps you want, to meet every aspect of your lab’s operations, from metrics management to spreadsheets, budget and business management and day-to-day analysis and reporting. is your doorway to next-generation informatics (NGi) data management, where all your data sources and apps are integrated into one secure, scalable and seamless informatics ecosystem.

Step Into Laboratory 2.0 NGi Data Management

As an affordable, reliable and responsive cloud-hosted service, makes your laboratory more responsive to business demands. When short-term client projects require more users or additional capabilities, you can add them quickly without making long-term commitments. also makes long-term growth easier to plan and budget as your informatics solution evolves over time.
Step Into Laboratory 2.0 NGi Data Management | LabLynx® Features and Benefits® Secure Server Network Secure Server Network is a private secure server network dedicated specifically to your applications and not shared across other clients or laboratories. The network is private and secured within the cloud and the cloud is driven by application virtualization with Docker Containers that can be securely networked across multiple clouds. This provides both the scalability and the security that every size lab needs, and it grows as you grow. is the secure, social and single sign-on (SSO) service that provides Identity and Access Management (IAM) across all of your hosted applications. So many web applications today require different logins which leads to lower security and friction for user adoption. With SSO, your users are provided with a web based application desktop that can be centrally controlled by your lab administrators and provide a single, easy to use user interface and experience that puts all of the user apps at the finger tips of the lab staff with a single click. is the application programming interface (API) that provides programmatic end points to allow you or any member of to develop solutions specific to the users exacting needs. can be extended with custom api functions as well as api functions that are native to each of the applications that are hosted within the Server Network. Integrate all of your lab’s applications into one seamless ecosystem with is a complete suite of development, security and cloud hosting Operations functions (Dev/Sec/Ops). These tools allow system administrators to develop applications against the api, manage every aspect of security, monitoring, backups, disaster recovery and preventions, application pen testing, software quality control and assurance, application provisioning, performance monitoring, alerts, automation and so much more. We know what it takes to manage enterprise class systems that your lab depends on and we provide a complete suite of tools to manage all of the aspects or for you to use the tools to outsource the managed services of your infrastructure to the MSP (managed service provider) of your choice. Add open source apps to your ecosystem and/or develop your own custom apps with Low/No code tools.

Customizable Web Desktop comes with an integrated web desktop UI/UX that unifies your view and access across your entire lab informatics ecosystem - anytime and from anywhere. Manage your entire lab or organization without leaving your seat.

Always Available: Anywhere, Anytime

LabLynx leverages Amazon Web Services’ gold-standard cloud technology to deliver informatics solutions. Guaranteed uptime, fast data transfer speeds and worldwide access let you trust that your lab’s informatics applications will be available anywhere, anytime.

Secure, Reliable File and App Storage

All data stored in your applications are fully encrypted at rest and in transit. Secure browser interfaces display data without storing them on user devices. As a result, your LabLynx informatics solution, along with the rest of your data management apps, can easily fit into your lab’s compliance plans for HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, GDPR or other data protection regulations.

Remote System Access lets you access your data from anywhere, anytime, in secure, reliable fashion. LabLynx single sign-on (SSO) services allow your users to quickly and easily access the apps they need without having to remember multiple passwords and navigate to various places. Don’t let logistics prevent you from managing your operations efficiently and effectively.

File Sharing is your host for transferring files between apps or storing them for controlled access. Use our LabVia interfacing solution or standard ftp, or use another method of your choice. supports all your file sharing needs, whether manual or automated, securely and reliably.

System Backups & Disaster Recovery’s security and data protection SOPs are part of the overall LabLynx Quality Management System (QMS). This includes regular (hourly) system backups, with daily full backups to geographically distant, redundant data center cloud server arrays, and full disaster recovery plans. Rest assured your informatics ecosystem has the highest level of protection available anywhere.

Scale to Your Needs: Startup to Global

There is literally no limit to’s capacity. can host our LabLynx laboratory information management system, the ELab LiMS, or any other system, as well as a suite of informatics apps including:
  • Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN)
  • Scientific Data Management System (SDMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP)
  • Electronic Health Record System (EHR)
  • Project Management System (PMS)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • App Development Platform (PaaS)
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  • Product Lifecycle Management system (PLM)
  • Open Source or Custom-Built Apps
  • More…
Get everything your lab needs today by building these and other capabilities into your complete LabLynx informatics solution. As your business evolves, you can quickly deploy additional capabilities to support the future requirements of your lab, or even your multi-lab organization.

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