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ELab Notes is our ELN that fully integrates with our ELab LIMS system. ELab Notes allows you to seamlessly share data with your LIMS, saving you time and transcription errors. It also allows you to fully document projects in an environment that is easy to use, scalable and secure.

The Flexible ELN for your Research Needs

ELab Notes from LabLynx was created by laboratory professionals for scientists and lab professionals, with an intuitive and functional interface that supports the full line of research functions performed in your laboratory. ELab Notes is the highly integrated ELN software providing the structure necessary to organize both your structured and unstructured data. Designed around your processes and built for uncompromising flexibility and adaptability, your lab can make no better choice than to add the ELab Notes ELN to your research operations.

Features and Capabilities of ELab Notes

Experiment Documentation

ELab Notes allows researchers to create and organize digital entries to document their experiments, including details such as protocols, procedures, notes, and observations. Entries can be structured based on templates or customized to suit specific research needs.

Data Management

ELab Notes provides tools for managing and organizing research data within the platform. Researchers can upload and attach files, images, and other data types to experiment entries. The platform offers features for searching, retrieving, and analyzing data efficiently.

Collaboration & Sharing

ELab Notes enables collaboration among researchers by allowing them to share experiment entries, data, and findings. Multiple users can work on projects simultaneously, facilitating teamwork and knowledge sharing within research teams.

Integration Capabilities

ELab Notes supports integration with other laboratory instruments, devices, and software systems. This integration can streamline data capture and transfer, allowing researchers to collect data directly from instruments or import data from external sources.

Security & Compliance

ELab Notes places emphasis on data security and compliance. The platform offers features such as access controls, data encryption, and audit trails to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of research information. Compliance features can assist with regulatory requirements and guidelines.


The ELab Notes interface can be configured to display in any language and can toggle between different languages depending on the preference a user or administrator chooses.

Audit Tracking Preparation

ELab Notes offers complete chain-of-custody tracking, witness verification and digital signature options.

ELab Notes is More Than an Electronic Lab Notebook

ELab Notes is part of the overall Next Generation informatics (NGi) platform from LabLynx. When you get a LabLynx solution for your laboratory, medical or scientific research organization, you get a fully integrated set of functionality that is hand selected and configured specifically for your lab. It does not stop there, you are provided with the tools to configure and adapt the solution as your laboratory requirements change. The ELab Notes ELN is one part of that overall Laboratory, Informatics, Medical and Scientific (LIMS) application ecosystem. You can start with the ELN or any other application within the LabLynx platform and add more apps such as LIMS, SDMS, Lab Portal, Lab Automation and IoT, AI and much more as your needs change.

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ELab Notes, offered by LabLynx, is designed to provide a comprehensive and customizable solution for digital experiment documentation and data management, enabling researchers to record, organize, and manage their laboratory experiments, data, and observations in a digital format.
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