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Services Platform

LiMShelp is LabLynx’s Services Platform, transforming complex laboratory software into usable, reliable solutions through personalized, professional implementation services and responsive, instantly-accessible, U.S.-based support.

Cloud-Based Services Management

LiMShelp is managed through a cloud-based platform designed as a modular system, so it handles the full-service life cycle of ALL of the software, integrations, updates and modifications or new functionality requests that make up your LIMS solution - for as long as you are a LabLynx customer. The platform tightly integrates LabLynx service and support staff with your own staff in a personal, collaborative fashion, so that we are like your own laboratory support department.

Delivering and supporting the complexity of a laboratory information management system that meets the exacting needs of your laboratory requires precise and thorough communication and coordination. The basic formula for a successful LIMS is: Products + Services = Solution. The right services and services management are an integral and crucial part of that solution equation.

Features of the LiMShelp Platform

The LiMShelp services platform includes several features that ensure it provides comprehensive services management for all of our valued customers, including:

Project Management

We begin our teamwork with you from the first time we meet, as we begin continuously gathering information from you about your lab’s needs, creating an initial Requirements and Budget document that we work together with you to refine and perfect as we identify the scope. And we often do a series of demos, including an initial one where you show us how you do things, always bringing the vision of your lab’s needs into sharper, clearer focus. All of that comprehensive, detailed documentation eventually becomes your scope of products and services agreement, with a clear plan for its delivery. That project, complete with every task - and their details - is loaded into the secure, online LiMShelp services platform, where both your lab and our team can manage it to full Go Live.

Account Management

Your team can log in anytime, night or day, to submit requests for new functions or features, support, or simply check on things. Access is secure and reliable, only your designated team members and your assigned LabLynx LIMS Engineer(s) and supervisors can see your project account. Start new projects anytime you like.

Help Desk

LiMShelp functions as your personalized help desk, available online anytime, monitored by your own dedicated LIMS Engineer(s) and our U.S.-based support staff. Submit tickets, view status and manage tasks, meetings, phone calls and timelines. Throughout your initial implementation and Go Live, and for as long as you continue as a LabLynx customer, all of your projects, tasks, issues, etc. and our experienced, expert staff are accessible to you though LiMShelp.

Emergency Support

All tickets are viewed and prioritized within hours of submission, but anything that is critical receives immediate response and action. Since our cloud-hosting facilities are monitored 24/7, we will probably be aware of any issues arising long before you see any problems. Nevertheless, LiMShelp offers full and immediate emergency response services, should you ever find yourself in need.

Instant Messaging with Screen Sharing & Video Conferencing

To help with great communication, LiMShelp also offers a free instant messaging channel to your team, enabling real-time chats and discussions with your LabLynx dedicated team. Share images and other files quickly and securely to speed up progress or issue resolution. And if that’s still not quite good enough, start a video conference right then and there. At LabLynx, we mean it when we say we value full, clear communication and collaboration, from our first meeting throughout the life of your system.

File Sharing

With LiMShelp File Sharing, users have easy access to share and collaborate on their files, documents and lab data for support and diagnostics of system issues. Project implementation teams and users need to regularly exchange files and information through collaborative features that help facilitate users and system administrators that may be working across multiple time zones. LiMShelp file share is secure and compliant and safe from viruses and is designed for protection against unauthorized access.

LabLynx Services for All Your Needs

With the LiMShelp platform, LabLynx can function as an extension of your existing IT and LIMS admin departments, or we can provide the full suite of services under an outsourced services model. But wait, there’s more. LabLynx understands that a LIMS is the central information and operational hub of the laboratory, so we have expanded our scope of services to provide not only technical services related to your LIMS, but all of the related business services that you need, including:

  • Change control
  • Compliance
  • Consulting
  • Data migration
  • Training
  • Validation

LabLynx is not just your LIMS provider, we are your partner in success. And LiMShelp is at the center for delivering that success in a collaborative model.

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