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The LabLynx myLabCare Client Portal provides secure, web-based, automated client communications, helping you to deliver outstanding customer service and raise your lab’s quality standards.

Improve the Lab Customer Experience

myLabCare instantly raises your customer service quality standards by taking the pain out of all client-to-lab and lab-to-client communications. Clients can place orders, register samples and get printable sample labels at any time of day or night. No more waiting for business hours and no more waiting on hold on the telephone, or constant checking for the status of their samples.

Features and Capabilities of myLabCare

Secure, Anywhere, Anytime Communications

myLabCare provides a secure, cloud-based communications solution that gives clients 24x7 access to your lab’s services. Improve customer satisfaction by letting them work around their schedule instead of yours.

LIMS Integration

The LabLynx myLabCare portal is designed for native interfacing with our ELab LIMS. But you can use myLabCare no matter what LIMS or LIS you have. Integrating myLabCare with your lab’s LIMS eliminates paperwork by putting the sample logging and submission in the hands of your clients, and providing them with automatic, instant status updates and final test results.

Improved Accuracy

Letting clients register samples directly through myLabCare eliminates the transcription errors that manual processes generate. And the same goes for receiving the samples in the lab. Just scan the barcoded labels and all of the sample data are already in your LIMS and instantly displayed - exactly as your client entered them.

Faster Turn-Around Times

Your clients can generate and print barcoded sample labels directly from myLabCare to expedite your lab’s accessioning/receiving and sample management. And automating status updates and communication of final test results through myLabCare lets your lab staff do lab work, and lets front-end staff focus on higher-priority customer issues.

Features to Support the Modern Laboratory

myLabCare adapts to the way your lab works. We’ll set it up to support exactly how you need to do business, and coordinate its features and functions with any existing websites and systems.

Secure, Controlled Access

You set the access profile for your clients, and their secure, password-protected login tells the system exactly who is logged in and what they can see. Normally, that means all of their reports can be searched and called up by date range or other criteria, in addition to status of all samples whether currently under testing or completed.

Sample Registration

Clients enter sample data directly into myLabCare’s simple browser interface, using their unique, secure login. You decide what information is required, and it displays in bold. The order cannot be submitted until all required fields have been filled in. The data is instantly saved in your LIMS or LIS database, whether it’s our LabLynx ELab LIMS or another system.


Clients can choose to receive automatic updates of testing progress and/or availability of results via text or email, freeing your lab or customer service staff from having to constantly field enquiries or manually send notifications.


Clients get instant access to their test results through their myLabCare account. You control if/when the approved report is released, and myLabCare makes it available to your clients. And there’s no need for them to contact you if they have a question about a previous report, they’re all archived and accessible via myLabCare.

myLabCare for Your Unique Needs

No matter what kind of lab you are - clinical, research, manufacturing, environmental, agriculture, whatever - we have a myLabCare edition for you, ready to handle the kinds of information and processes you work with.
myLabCare for Your Unique Needs | LabLynx myLabCare Portal

Other Features and Functions

The LabLynx myLabCare can be set up to carry out any other features and functions you need, including e-commerce and more, ensuring your customers’ experience is smooth, seamless and first-class! And your lab’s efficiency and quality metrics are immediately boosted significantly. Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your unique needs!
Other Features & Functions | LabLynx myLabCare Portal

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Enhance client satisfaction and streamline your laboratory's workflow with the myLabCare portal. By adopting this user-friendly platform, you'll improve communication with clients, simplify test requisition and sample information recording, and accelerate result reporting. Clients will appreciate the real-time updates on test progress and quick access to result reports, while the comprehensive test requisition history log ensures easy reporting and record-keeping. Embrace myLabCare today for seamless data sharing and elevated client experiences.
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