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Manage your cases, evidence, and samples in a secure, auditable environment with LabLynx ELab LIMS for Forensics laboratories. Your LabLynx LIMS software solution is specially designed to be highly flexible and reliable, while delivering an easy to use platform.

Forensic LIMS with Strict Traceability and Robust Workflow Management

New science-based methods and advanced instrumentation let forensic laboratories test a wider range of evidence with greater accuracy than ever before. Your forensics lab needs to manage cases, evidence, and players in a full-function application that meets the highest standards for functionality and security. The LabLynx ELab laboratory information management system for forensics laboratories is predicated on role-based usage, naturally tuned to standard forensic workflows and processes, carefully controlling access to case and specimen information according to the user role. Your ELab Forensic LIMS can expand to encompass all areas of forensic functions, including forensic genetics, DNA testing, serology, firearms, trace, drug chemistry, toxicology, anthropology, entomology, histology, and many others.

LabLynx has experience working with a wide range of forensics clients, implementing LIMS software solutions that handle all their workflow tasks, requests from internal and external sources, billing of services, and document control, which are all facets needed to complete cases from start to finish. ELab is designed to be scalable for any number of records, samples, and users to accommodate accession, analysis, and reporting of any given number of processes per day. There is no limitation to the growth of the database.

The LabLynx LIMS can be configured out of the box and even customized further to match your lab’s specific needs. Here are some examples of the forensic specialties LabLynx serves:

A LIMS Software Solution Unique to Your Forensics Lab

The LabLynx LIMS offers a wide variety of features that are focused on improving your forensics lab’s productivity, replacing manual processes, eliminating common pre-analytical errors, and growing your lab’s quality of service. Some of the LIMS’ features and benefits include:

Cross-Departmental Workflows

Maintain optimal operation efficiency with a LIMS that spans multiple departments. LabLynx ELab LIMS allows you to track your samples from accessioning to result reporting across all departments in your lab.

Full Case Management

Manage your cases with air-tight documentation from investigation to completion. Each case is tracked with a unique numbering scheme for easy chain-of-custody and audit tracking.

Request Management

Track all internal and external requests by case, including requests for medical records, neurology reviews, family inquiries, and more.

Case Time Tracking

Track how long it takes your team to close a case from start to finish. All data is reportable and available for trend and KPI analysis.

Mass-Casualty Management

In the event of a mass casualty, associate cases by mass disaster events for efficient tracking and management. The LIMS is also capable of geographic mapping, so you can identify where bodies and body parts were found. Additionally, our body diagrams allow your team to visually identify which body parts were found and are missing for each case.

Photography Module

LabLynx can help you build reports to your requirements with logos, custom designs, and more. The software offers the ability to create preliminary, final, and amended reports, which can be generated manually or automatically and delivered in a variety of ways.

Customized Reporting

LabLynx can help your lab build reports unique to autopsy, toxicology, investigation, annual statistics, and more using report templates.


Share your data securely while also streamlining your processes by integrating with instruments, electronic health records (EHRs), electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs), reference labs, and more. With support for HL7, ASTM, RS-232, and APIs, the LabLynx LIMS has you covered.

Document Hosting & Management

Store standard operating procedures (SOPs), training manuals and records, certifications, regulatory files, receipts, reports, and all your lab’s vital operations documents with the LIMS for easy access.

Expand Your Forensics LIMS with Portals

Simplify order and results reporting with our secure web portals that interface directly with the LabLynx LIMS. Bring your clients and customers to you by making their experiences faster and easier.

LabLynx’s web portals allow clients to submit orders, review orders and histories, and generate reporting quickly and easily on demand. Submitting through a portal helps reduce data entry errors and reduces labor costs by making multiple processes completely digital. With just a few clicks, any customer can submit new orders, print labels, and even obtain results. When accuracy and efficiency are at the forefront, web portals can help improve interactions between you and your customers.

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Your Ideal Forensics LIMS Solution

No two laboratories are the same, so why should you settle for a generic off-the-shelf solution that may not fit your workflows? LabLynx believes in providing a LIMS software solution that fits your needs and not the other way around. We’ve designed our LIMS to be flexible, scalable, and readily customizable.

A wide variety of off-the-shelf configurations may fit your basic needs, but sometimes you need more. If you have a need that’s outside the box or a functional requirement that’s unique to your lab, LabLynx can help you realize that need by building it into its LIMS and implementing it with you.

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