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Flexible, configurable, cloud-based and feature rich, LabLynx’s ELab LIMS molds around your lab’s specific requirements to provide a comprehensive, user friendly sample management system. ELab LIMS is industry agnostic and can be configured to your lab’s specific processes and nomenclature. It is also scalable, so it can grow with you as you expand.
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ELab Notes is our ELN that fully integrates with our ELab LIMS system. ELab Notes allows you to seamlessly share data with your LIMS, saving you time and transcription errors. It also allows you to fully document projects in an environment that is easy to use, scalable and secure.
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LabVia connects all the components with the database, including the lab’s instruments – creating a secure, closed, automated system that transfers data where they need to go: accurately, completely and immediately. The LabLynx ELab LIMS generates the results report and LabVia sends it to the web portals.
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Simplify order and results reporting with our secure web-based portals that interface directly with the LabLynx LIMS. Bring your clients and customers to you by making their experiences faster and easier.
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LiMShelp is a cloud-based platform designed as a modular system to handle the full-service life cycle of all the software that make up your LIMS solution. The platform tightly integrates LabLynx service and support staff with your own staff so that we become an extension of your laboratory.
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The Next Generation informatics (NGi) platform developed by LabLynx. This platform is at the core of all of our application solutions and is built on open, cloud technologies that starts and ends with security as its prime consideration.
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