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Our exclusive connectivity solution, LabVia handles all your interfacing needs, from all kinds and brands of instruments, to 3rd-party software, databases, remote devices and more. Stay connected with LabVia from LabLynx.
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Lab Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Integration & IOT

LabVia uses the very latest technology, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IOT) techniques along with cloud-based management, to intelligently manage multiple data communications between all kinds of devices, services, systems, or other sources.

LabVia Hub

The onsite part of the LabVia solution is the LabVia Hub. It is a hardware/software product that provides a central nexus point for all of the integrated nodes (instruments/devices, software applications etc.), intelligently managing their data. Full instructions on installation and setup are provided, and a LabLynx professional will guide you through the process. Or, if you prefer, we can come onsite and install it for you, ensuring all interfaced data points communicate properly. Many systems need only be able to provide files that your® Solution can access to process and report, and/or be able to receive sample information from the LIMS. If serial connections are required, then a LabVia channel is utilized, and your hub will link up with the cloud-based software portion of LabVia to ensure perfect data routing and management.

LabVia Cloud

The cloud portion of LabVia is hosted for you in our Cloud Platform (IaaS), keeping your integrations securely managed in real time. And any time you need more integrations (e.g. you buy new instruments that you’d like to interface with your system), we can add a new channel for you that is configured to transfer the data you want, in the ways you want them. You can forget about the details and concentrate on your own work, secure in the knowledge that your interfaces will continue functioning perfectly for as long as you have them. All maintenance, support and warranty is included in your annual agreement.

LabVia Features and Benefits

Hardware-Software Package

LabVia combines a small onsite hub with preloaded software, with our cloud-based management app, to effectively and securely route communications between all of your in-lab and local wi-fi instruments, apps, databases, etc. and your LIMS, with secure remote accessibility. If your lab’s security requirements mandate self-hosting, LabVia can also be fully physically located within your own premises.

Integrate Anything & Everything

With LabVia as your laboratory integration middleware, you not only can automate your lab processes but integrate with: ERP, EMR, other LIMS, clinical instruments, analytical instruments, SCADA, Maintenance management systems, industrial controls, government web services from the FDA, EPA, State governments, METRC, Health Information Exchanges, Insurance billing, laboratory robotics, field data collection devices, lab and freezer environmental controls and the list goes on and on. Contact us to make sure we have the integrations and automation capabilities that you need.

Seamless, Scalable Information Management

Even the smallest lab uses more than one app. LabVia automates your lab, from the smallest startup through global corporate integrated schemas. LabVia integrates all your data components into secure, seamless informatics ecosystems, including:

  • SDMS - Scientific Data Management System
  • LIMS or other Laboratory Information Systems
  • MES - Manufacturing Execution System
  • Billing Services
  • PLM - Product Lifecycle Management
  • Regulatory/Reporting Agencies
  • Instruments
  • METRC, Other Seed-to-Sale Tracking Integration
  • Field Devices, Mobile, Hand-held etc.
  • Reference or Contract Labs
  • Point-Of-Care (POC) Devices
  • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning systems

LabVia Hub all the Physical Devices

With LabVia your lab can go far beyond simply having a selection of apps for every need. LabVia helps you connect them all in one smoothly-operating, unified informatics ecosystem. Use single sign-on (SSO) technology provided by LabLynx to make the user experience simple but fully secure, providing automated access each area of your infosystem.
LabVia Hub | LabLynx

LabVia: Unleash Seamless Connectivity with LabLynx!

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Unlock the power of seamless data communication with LabVia. Intelligently manage diverse devices, services, and systems for efficient workflow and increased productivity. Embrace automation and elevate your lab's performance with LabVia's reliable and versatile capabilities.
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