LIMS Add-On Solutions

Expanding the LIMS Experience

With our add-on solutions, you can expand the offerings of our robust ELab LIMS solution to create a true laboratory data system. Our applications consolidate your lab’s data into the LabLynx digital ecosystem, so your information stays in one system for optimum operational efficiency. Like our ELab LIMS, all of our add-on solutions are configurable to meet your lab’s specific needs.

With Our Solution Suite

LabVia enables seamless communication between your laboratory’s existing systems and ELab LIMS.

With MyLabCare, physicians can submit lab orders, check test status and view test results from an easy to use portal that communicates directly with your LIMS.

LabDrive is a secure file and data management productivity suite integrated with your LabLynx system.

Complete with a WiFi Tablet, scanner and a barcode printer, SICKITs streamline and digitize sample information recording at the point of collection.

LabLynx ELN ELabNotes allows you to fully document projects, generate reports and seamlessly share data with your LIMS.

Expand your LIMS and increase data sharing with API integration services. 

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