Clean Room Monitoring LIMS

Take control of environmental, particulate and microbial monitoring to ensure compliance with clean room standards.

Better Management of Clean Room Monitoring Data

Food production, aerospace manufacturing and pharmaceutical research are vastly different industries that all depend on clean rooms to prevent contamination. Effective clean room practices require continual monitoring of environmental, particulate and microbial levels to maintain ISO 14644-class standards of air cleanliness. This generates a lot of data that must be collected and analyzed without compromising the clean room or good manufacturing practices. Effectively managing this data requires an informatics solution that is optimized for clean room monitoring.

LabLynx LIMS Solutions for Clean Room Monitoring remove human error from your lab’s data management just as your clean room best practices prevent human contamination. Instrument integration and barcode-enable sample management eliminate manual processes and help automate more of your lab’s operations. Directly fed from your monitoring instruments, LabLynx’s LIMS solution automatically calculates out-of-spec conditions and generates alerts for immediate action. With LabLynx, your clean room monitoring operations become more responsive and efficient to better serve quality production.

Clean Room Monitoring LIMS | LabLynx

Capabilities Optimized for Your Clean Room Monitoring

Digital Sample Tracking

Generate sample labels with 2D or 3D barcodes to eliminate manual sample handling in the clean room.

Instrument Integration

Integrating monitoring instruments with your LabLynx solution minimizes in-person data collection and reduces data handling errors.

Browser Interfaces

LabLynx informatics solutions surface powerful features through simple mobile-friendly browser interfaces, letting clean room personnel use sterilized tablets.

Role & Certification-Based Access

Defining access policies based on employee roles and certifications improves security and limits clean room system access to qualified personnel.

Enterprise System Integration

Integrations with enterprise-wide systems give manufacturing, quality assurance and other stakeholders access to your clean room monitoring data.

Sample Point & Limit Management

Set up sample points by location, instruments and other factors. Define sampling frequency and set limits to comply with ISO, ASTM and other clean room standards.

Alerts & Notifications

LabLynx solutions can generate alerts and notifications whenever clean room monitoring instruments detect out-of-spec conditions.

Custom Reports & Dashboards

LabLynx offers report design tools that let you create dashboards as well as recurring or ad hoc reports on conditions in your clean rooms.

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