Forensics LIMS

Your Ideal LIMS for Forensics Laboratories and Medical Examiners

Manage your cases, evidence and samples in a secure, auditable environment with LabLynx ELab LIMS for Forensics and Medical Examiners. The LabLynx solution for Forensics features a specially designed version of our ELab LIMS that is highly flexible, industry driven and delivered using state-of-the-art hybrid virtual cloud-hosting technology. It meets the highest standards of reliability and security while delivering an easy to use platform.

Cross Departmental Workflows

Maintain optimal operation efficiency with a LIMS that spans multiple departments. LabLynx ELab LIMS allows you to track your samples from accessioning to result reporting across all departments in your lab including toxicology, anthropology, histology and entomology.
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Cross Departmental Workflows | LabLynx

LabLynx Features and Benefits

  • Chain of Custody Tracking

    Ability to check in/out evidence, bodies, etc. and record that information with details about who, date, time and with witness verification for each transaction.

  • Full Case Management

    Starting at investigation to completion of an autopsy and disposal or for active crime cases with each type of case given a unique numbering scheme for easy tracking.

  • Request Management

    Track all internal and external requests by case including requests for: medical records, neurology review, family inquiries and more.

  • Document Hosting & Management

    SOPs, training manuals, certificates, regulatory files, receipts, manage your lab’s vital operations documents within your LIMS for easy access.

  • Standard Reporting Templates

    Report templates can be generated for autopsy, toxicology, investigation, annual statistics and other lab data. Report templates ensure efficient reporting.

  • Case Time Tracking

    Track in the LIMS how long it takes for you and your team to close a case from start to finish. All data is reportable and available for trend and KPI analysis.

  • Pathology Dashboards

    Keep an eye on your team’s KPIs using pathology dashboards to visually display the year, month, autopsy percentage and turn around times for autopsies.

  • Security

    Varying security level profiles to control access by user and ensure only information relevant to the user’s role is accessible.

Full Case Management

Manage your case with air-tight documentation from investigation to completion of an autopsy and disposal. Each case in the LIMS is tracked with a unique numbering scheme for easy chain-of-custody and audit tracking.
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Mass Casualty Management

In the event of a mass casualty, our ELab LIMS for Forensics helps you keep your cases organized. In the LIMS, you can associate cases by mass disaster events for efficient tracking and management. We also offer geographic mapping, so you can identify where bodies and body parts were found. Additionally, our body diagrams allow you to visually identify which body parts were found and are missing in each case.
Mass Casualty Management | LabLynx

Photography Module

Forensic photos can be stored and linked directly to a case. This can include crime scene images, evidence images, x-rays and more.
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Photography Module | LabLynx

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