Healthcare LIMS

Your Ideal Healthcare LIMS

With demand and test volume rising higher than ever before for Clinical Diagnostics, your laboratory needs a LIMS/LIS you can count on to be reliable, efficient, easy to use and secure. At LabLynx, we understand these requirements and created a solution suite specifically designed to streamline your lab’s operation.

Is it a LIMS or a LIS?

At LabLynx, we’re both! Our solution offers a unique blend of sample focused and patient focused workflows to provide you a hybrid LIMS/LIS experience. We want to ensure you get the positive features of both system types without having to choose between the two.
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Is it a LIMS or a LIS? | LabLynx

LabLynx Features and Benefits

  • Billing Management

    Integrate your billing software with LabLynx ELab LIMS to maximize operational efficiency.

  • Reference Lab Test Requisitions

    Send test requests to reference labs from your LIMS.

  • Contact Management

    Manage patient, physician and staff records in a secure, HIPAA compliant system.

  • Sample Pooling

    Maintain all related data accurately, so patients may be followed-up with if needed.

  • Single Sample & Batch Sample Management

    LabLynx ELab allows you to run and manage both within the same system.

  • Visually Assign Samples to Plate Wells

    Assign samples to wells in a plate directly in the LIMS.

  • EHR/EMR Integration

    LabLynx ELab LIMS can integrate with most EHR/EMR platforms, delivering streamlined data sharing and operational efficiency.

  • Document Hosting & Management

    SOPs, training manuals, certificates, regulatory files, receipts, manage your lab’s vital operations documents within your LIMS for easy access.

  • Easily Manage High Throughput

    Our reliable solution can help you manage high throughput without fear of system crashes.

  • Maintain Regulatory Compliance

    LabLynx ELab LIMS for Healthcare has built in features to support you in maintaining compliance with CLIA, HIPAA, 21 CFR PART 11, ISO 17025 and more!

A Flexible Solution That Molds to Fit Your Needs

No two laboratories are the same, so why should LIMS solutions be? At LabLynx, we want you to have a solution that fits around your workflow, not the other way around. That’s why we’ve designed our LIMS to be flexible in setup and structure, so you can have your ideal LIMS.

How do we do this? We take our core product and configure our features to match your specifications.

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Expand Your LIMS With Portals

Physician Portals:
Simplify test requisition and results report sending with our physician portal that interfaces directly with the LIMS.

Patient Portals:
Using our HIPAA compliant patient portal, patients can schedule lab work easily and view their reports as soon as they are ready.

Expand Your LIMS With Portals | LabLynx

Streamline Data Entry with Instrument Integrations

Rest assured that your data is secure with LabLynx ELab LIMS. Our cloud infrastructure is housed in a state-of -the-art data center, certified to the highest SSAE SOC 2 standards. Furthermore, our in-house development team monitors our servers 24/7 to ensure maximum data security.
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Streamline Data Entry with Instrument Integrations | LabLynx