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Mining & Minerals LIMS

ELab LIMS for Mining & Minerals adapts to make your lab’s testing operations more efficient and more productive.

Deliver Better Results Faster with ELab LIMS for Mining & Minerals

Companies in the mining and minerals industry rely on laboratory testing at every stage of the mining life cycle — exploration and development to extraction and processing to closure and reclamation. A laboratory’s testing varies from stage to stage. Each location’s geology, the minerals being extracted and local regulations will also determine the lab’s combination of analytes, instruments, sample preparation and testing methods. One-size-fits-all LIMS applications force mining and minerals laboratories to conform to the way their software works. What they need is a LIMS solution that adapts to their laboratory’s practices.

ELab LIMS for Mining & Minerals provides the flexibility and configurability your lab needs. LabLynx pre-populates your LIMS with the ASTM, ISO and other testing standards appropriate for your lab’s services. Simple browser interfaces let your staff modify methods and workflows or develop in-house test methods. Consolidating your lab’s data management within ELab LIMS streamlines testing operations to improve turnaround times, throughput and other performance metrics. As a result, ELab LIMS for Mining & Minerals helps you efficiently deliver faster, more reliable testing services.

Mining & Minerals LIMS | LabLynx
Designed for the Needs of Mining & Minerals Testing Laboratories | LabLynx

Mining & Minerals LIMS Designed for the Unique Needs of Your Testing Laboratory

  • Scalable Modular LIMS Platform

    Whether a single laboratory or a globe-spanning operation, ELab LIMS scales to meet your laboratory data management needs.

  • Populated with Standards for Your Lab

    Once deployed, ELab LIMS gives you access to ASTM, ISO and other national and international standards for your preferred sample preparation and testing practices.

  • Configurable Methods & Workflows

    Simple browser interfaces let your staff quickly modify methods, set limits and specifications or develop in-house methods.

  • Sample Management

    ELab LIMS tracks each sample from the point of collection through testing while linking it to all associated data including sample preparation methods.

  • Instrument Integration

    Integrating your lab’s instruments with ELab LIMS eliminates the manual processes that introduce errors, extend turnaround times and occupy your staff with unproductive tasks.

  • Instrument Management

    Keep your lab running at peak efficiency by using ELab LIMS to monitor instrument performance and plan regular maintenance and calibration to minimize downtime.

  • Scheduling & Notifications

    Improve productivity by setting your test workflows to generate reminders and alerts. Automatically flag out-of-compliance test results to quickly address potential issues.

  • Auditing & Reporting Tools

    Making ELab LIMS your lab’s single source of testing data lets you generate reports for quality control, regulatory compliance and accreditation assessments.