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Nutraceuticals LIMS

ELab LIMS for Nutraceuticals makes laboratories more flexible, productive and efficient as they test an expanding variety of supplements, food ingredients and functional foods.

ELab LIMS Optimized for the Way Nutraceutical Labs Work

As government and industry adopted risk-based safety approaches under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), it was only natural for nutraceutical manufacturers and importers to adopt similar practices by performing extensive testing to support safety, labeling and other requirements. Furthermore, Amazon and other major retailers expect supplement manufacturers to provide CoAs from ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratories. This increasing demand for testing — combined with the industry’s complex set of ingredients, test methods and finished products — places a growing burden on nutraceutical testing laboratories.

ELab LIMS for Nutraceuticals helps laboratories like yours meet the challenges of today’s nutraceutical industry while improving your lab’s productivity. Pre-populated with industry-standard methods, workflows and report templates, ELab LIMS is a flexible platform that adapts to your lab’s processes. Simple browser interfaces, for example, let your staff quickly configure new methods as your testing services evolve. Improve your lab’s performance by integrating instruments and other systems through ELab LIMS. Eliminating paperwork and spreadsheets will free your staff to focus on higher-value testing activities. With ELab LIMS for Nutraceuticals, your lab can meet the demand for testing in the rapidly-growing nutraceutical industry.

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Get the Capabilities You Need to Manage Nutraceutical Testing | LabLynx

Get the Capabilities You Need to Manage Nutraceutical Testing

  • Configurable Methods & Workflows

    As testing needs change, your staff can add new methods or adapt existing methods easily with ELab LIMS’ simple browser interfaces.

  • Instrument Integration & Management

    Linking your instruments with ELab LIMS eliminates errors and manual processes while maximizing your lab’s up-time.

  • Sample, Batch and Lot Management

    Whether testing ingredients, managing production quality or evaluating product safety, you can link all samples to batches, lots and other sample properties.

  • Sample Tracking

    ELab LIMS follows every sample from the point of collection through the testing process to eliminate handling errors and provide records for cGMP compliance.

  • Secure Cloud Platform

    Whether your staff is collecting samples, performing tests in the lab or writing reports at home, ELab LIMS’ cloud platform provides secure access anywhere at any time.

  • Granular Access Controls

    Improve security and laboratory performance by setting access rules based on an employee’s role, location and competencies.

  • Document Hosting & Management

    ELab LIMS stores all documents associated with your lab’s testing practices and places SOPs, PT results, regulatory filings and more at your fingertips.

  • Compliance & Accreditation

    ELab LIMS becomes a central source of data about your lab’s performance. Auditing and reporting tools streamline ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation and support cGMP compliance.