Industry Solutions

The Ideal Solution for Your Lab

No two laboratories are the same, so why should your tech stack be? At LabLynx, it’s our mission to provide you with your ideal, complete laboratory solution because we are all about your lab.

We’re All About Your Lab

Whether it be our LIMS, portals or add on solutions, we configure our products and platforms to meet your requirements and specific workflow. We start with our COTS [Commercial of The Shelf] products, and you can choose which features you want to add or remove. We can also create custom features and functions to ensure you have your lab’s ideal solution.
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We’re All About Your Lab | LabLynx

Tailored to Your Lab’s Size and Budget

Flexible, expandable, scalable, LabLynx is not restricted by laboratory size. We work with startup labs, enterprise labs and everything in between. Our diverse solution offerings library allows us to tailor our products to support your lab’s unique operational goals and budget. We can expand to match enterprise requirements or scale to support growing laboratories.

System Workflows to Match your Lab’s Processes

Whether you’re a laboratory in healthcare, materials testing, forensics, cannabis or food & beverage, LabLynx’s vast solution suite can adapt to support your workflow. We developed our software to flex and mold to multiple laboratory industry processes to provide you with a platform that is uniquely yours.
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System Workflows to match your Lab’s processes | LabLynx