Reduce the Calls to Your Laboratory’s Phone

Client portal - LabLynxRing, ring, ring…your laboratory’s technicians hear the loud shrill of the phone ceaselessly throughout their shift as clients of all types – doctors, nurses, detectives, product managers and more – call for test updates. While the request for updates is understandable, each phone call taken and answer given takes your workers away from their vital tasks thus reducing concentration and productivity time.

What if this interruption could be avoided? What if your clients could get the information they vitally need in real time without interrupting your busy lab staff?

Client-Facing Web Portal

At LabLynx, we’ve developed a solution to this problem. Our myLabCare client portals offer real-time updates to your clients on test status and results. The portal communicates directly with your LabLynx ELab LIMS, so clients can receive live test progress updates as the sample moves through your LIMS. The portal shows when the sample was received, the test was assigned, results logged, when the test is complete and more. Clients can also receive result reports in real time as soon as you approve them, further streamlining communication.

From update frequency, to method and more, all aspects of our myLabCare client portal are configurable to support your lab’s workflow. You can determine the alerts that get sent and the method therein. Furthermore, you can design portal functionality and look to ensure it works best for you, your team and your client. At LabLynx, you’re in the control seat for how you want your solutions to function.

Complement your LIMS experience and reduce the phone calls to your lab to increase staff productivity with myLabCare client portals. Keep your clients at ease with up-to-the-minute status updates while also helping your staff stay on task. Get started today with laboratory solutions made to your specific requirements.

Schedule a call with a member of our team today to design the ideal solution suite for your laboratory.

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