What makes the LabLynx ELab LIMS unique?

What makes the LabLynx ELab LIMS unique? | LabLynx Resources

Several things set LabLynx apart from other LIMS companies. Things that matter, like real value for money, real people with lab backgrounds just like you, who really care about your issues and goals, and the authentic leadership that means you get the best, full-featured, flexible technology in our ELab LIMS solution to serve you for decades, as your lab grows and changes.


While many LIMS products can manage samples, store data, and produce reports, they often lack the flexibility to let you configure the LIMS to your unique lab specifications. Instead of the LIMS fitting your lab’s processes, you must change your operation to work within the confines of the software.

The LabLynx ELab LIMS solution was designed right from the start to provide complete functionality and also as a data-driven framework. That means the user can easily configure it to fit your lab’s industry, processes, size, and budget. You don’t need to pay for expensive development every time you want to make changes. Your LabLynx LIMS solution will come pre-configured for your industry, and we will train and help you to fine-tune it to exactly your specs, both initially and as you progress over time.

Whether you are a single-user start-up or a global enterprise lab, the ELab LIMS solution is perfect for you. Everything from the sample receiving screen to instrument management can be set up with fields and parameters you choose. Each test has the limits, ranges, and specifications you want, and you can change those tests without requiring new code development.

You can even add a new department or entirely separate lab within minutes. Then, you only need to set out who has access, to what levels, what types of samples it processes, and what tests are done, and you can start operations. The LabLynx ELab LIMS is probably the most scalable LIMS solution there is.

The Only True First in the Industry

There can only be one “first,” and that is LabLynx. Founder John Jones introduced ELab as the world’s first “cloud” LIMS in 1997, a true web-browser-based system that did not need to be loaded onto individual computers. LabLynx was incorporated in 2000, and we have continued to lead the industry as our system has become more comprehensive, reliable, secure, and versatile.

Leading the Way: Solution-Based Next-Generation Informatics (NGi)

The LabLynx vision for lab data management is a holistic, Integrated Systems Approach. It consists of a single, secure, access-controlled cloud platform that hosts a specific, carefully selected set of applications designed to interact with each other in a seamless, comprehensive, scalable, and flexible schema to manage all of the laboratory’s data. This approach is flexible enough to grow in the foreseeable future, no matter how its directions may change – and also supports the addition of new tests, departments, personnel, and even entirely new locations and types of labs. LabLynx can use LabVia to migrate all relevant lab data in spreadsheets or other databases into the ELab LIMS Data Warehouse for easy search and retrieval. Selected paper-based information may also be brought in. The new system will be fully validated and documented, ensuring quality and regulatory compliance. The vision is consolidating the past, securing it, and making it available to the present and future, along with all ongoing and new project data.

An Integrated Systems Approach


LabLynx takes a holistic approach to providing a turnkey, complete data management solution for laboratories. As the graphic above illustrates, it can include all or some of the LabLynx products designed to work together for comprehensive data storage and management according to your lab’s specific needs and any existing apps/systems. This approach, in our opinion, provides the best likelihood of success for three main reasons:

  1. Change is stressful and provides opportunities for risk. The smaller the amount of change while still addressing the issues and pain points, the better.
  2. Retaining familiar systems promotes better staff comfort during periods of change.
  3. Implementing fundamental systems requires a significant budget. Reducing initial outlay where possible without significantly decreasing the increased benefits can help make the budget manageable.

myLabCare Portal for Serving the Stakeholders

The LabLynx myLabCare client-facing web portal offers customized, secure, access-controlled client sample registration and submission and results report access. The additional benefits it will provide include the ability for the lab to control levels of access and the client’s ability to enter project/sample information that is immediately stored in the LIMS database and to print barcoded sample labels to accompany the incoming samples – as well as to see sample statuses and reports without constantly interrupting the lab with phone calls or emails. If desired, an e-payment handling feature may also be added.

The Laboratory Informatics Components (LIMS, ELN, SDMS)

The laboratory informatics set of applications is the central core of your updated data management ecosystem. These include:

These apps are all designed and developed by LabLynx to work together optimally to meet specific aspects of data management for the laboratory, resulting in a comprehensive solution.

The LabLynx ELab LIMS

The LabLynx ELab LIMS is our flagship offering, the product of over two decades of development since its initial introduction as the world’s first cloud (web browser-based) LIMS at Pittcon in 1997. No other LIMS has a longer history of cloud technology or contains a greater inventory of features and functions across the entire spectrum of laboratory industries. Each edition of the ELab LIMS has been customized and pre-configured to meet the demands of specific industries. Its capabilities comprise a long list, from extensive and granular administrative and access-related controls to flexible user configurations and various laboratory process management areas. Some of these include:

  • Sample Group Receiving
  • Standard analysis report by single samples
  • Item and Specs Management
  • Orders Management
  • Entity (Client) & Contact Management
  • File/Document Management
  • Supervisor and Technician Worklists
  • Inventory Management
  • Test and QC Test Management
  • Instrument Maintenance/Calibration Tracking
  • Training Tracking
  • Object Tracking – Check in/out of storage locations, transfer of custody of samples, inventory, etc.
  • QC Charts (Basic)
  • Report Management Tools
  • Auditing
  • Labels and Worksheet
  • Data Warehouse
  • And More

Additional features/functions and tasks/services are available according to any requirements identified through demos and meetings leading up to the eventual contractual agreement.

ELab Notes Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

Custom-built for seamless performance, the LabLynx ELab Notes ELN provides your scientists and engineers with the latest technology at their fingertips. Elab Notes allows experiments, processes, and other reference materials to help guide the lab work while all observations, process updates, notes, uploaded images, or other files can be recorded and stored in the master LIMS database for instant retrieval at any time by authorized users. The ELab Notes ELN is where research meets quality through leveraging modern technology.

LabDrive SDMS

Scientific data management systems (SDMS) are digital tools for the safety and accessibility of scientific data. These systems allow for more efficient data organization and analysis. LabDrive, from LabLynx, goes beyond basic data storage, organization, and access. It is a secure, comprehensive, cloud-based office where all non-core LIMS lab-related communications, files, and functions can be managed. It is also a platform allowing an almost unlimited range of apps to be added from open and custom-developed sources. 

Key features include:

  • Secure file exchange within and between organizations
  • Collaborative editing of docx, xlsx, and more
  • File versioning, protection, retire, restore, and retention control
  • Comment on files, add notes, share links
  • Integrated chat and secure audio-video calls
  • Calendar, mail, and task management tools
  • A comprehensive set of security capabilities
  • Automate repetitive tasks and build efficient team collaboration workflows.
  • Review/approval steps with digital signoffs
  • Intuitive, drag-and-drop, user-friendly UX
  • Extensive range of additional apps and tools available – dashboard, integration, organization, multimedia, communication, monitoring/metrics and more

LabVia for Integration / Automation / Monitoring

LabVia is our exclusive connectivity solution. It incorporates the latest technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), Internetof Things (IoT) techniques, and cloud-based management to intelligently manage multiple data communications between devices, services, systems, or other sources. It consists of two components: the onsite hub and the cloud platform control portion.

The onsite LabVia Hub is a hardware/software product that intelligently manages data and provides a central nexus point for all integrated nodes (instruments/devices, software applications, etc.). 

The cloud portion of LabVia is hosted for you in our sciCloud.net® cloud platform infrastructure as a service (IaaS), keeping your integrations securely managed in real-time.

LabVia is flexible enough to handle all integration management throughout your complete LabLynx Integrated LIMS Solution. Integrations like:

  • SDMS – Scientific Data Management System
  • LIMS or other Laboratory Information Systems
  • MES – Manufacturing Execution System
  • Billing Services
  • PLM – Product Lifecycle Management
  • Regulatory/Reporting Agencies
  • Instruments
  • METRC, Other Seed-to-Sale Tracking Integration
  • Environmental and Storage Monitoring Devices/Apps
  • Field Devices, Mobile, Hand-held, etc.
  • Reference or Contract Labs
  • Point-of-care (POC) Devices
  • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning systems
  • Other internal or external databases or systems

Bringing in data from the entire range of disparate sources is a vital part of any integrated data management solution, and LabVia is an outstanding, powerful tool for the job.

Working in a LabLynx ELab LIMS NGi Integrated Solution Laboratory

Powering Enterprise Excellence with Analytics/BI (LabVista)

LabVista integrates data analytics, dashboards, and BI reporting functions into your existing software applications and the LabLynx Integrated LIMS Solution, reducing end-user push-back and minimizing the learning curve while enabling a full range of data presentation and analysis. LabVista brings all the dry, mind-numbing data sets to vivid life, full of meaning and rife with practical, actionable, hard information. Examine all aspects of your metrics to obtain a fuller understanding and generate all kinds and formats of formal reports – all in a secure, collaborative environment.

A Platform for Now and the Future (sciCloud.net®)

SciCloud.net® is your dedicated cloud environment that hosts the entire solution, including databases and applications. It is a private, secure server network dedicated to your applications and not shared across other clients or laboratories through Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world standard in cloud hosting

SciCloud.net® is fully scalable, guaranteeing reliable, affordable infrastructure hosting for the long-term future. It is designed to be the perfect vehicle for LabLynx’s Next-Generation Informatics (NGi) Integrated LIMS Solution: affordable, state-of-the-art, proven, comprehensive, scalable, and reliable, designed for the lifetime of your laboratories.

The “Goldilocks” Value

The price of LIMS varies greatly and can run from a few thousand a year to hundreds of thousands or more. Of course, what you get for your money varies just as widely. And that isn’t always commensurate with price. LabLynx consistently falls among the lower mid-priced solutions while offering complete, comprehensive functions and features with outstanding customer service. Our system’s built-in flexibility means its operational lifetime is virtually unlimited, bringing you unmatched return on investment (ROI) over not just years but decades.

We Are You

What makes the LabLynx ELab LIMS unique - We are you

One of the biggest differentiators between LabLynx and everyone else is us! From the moment you talk with us through going live with our system and for as many years as you remain a customer, you will be talking to a specifically assigned person. You’ll have their cell phone number and even a Slack messaging channel for instant texting and video meetings if you want, any time. We are all chemists, biologists, laboratory managers, lab quality officers, and biomedical and process engineers; most of our staff used to be customers, and they decided to join us! Additionally, we use our software developers. Any work you need is never outsourced and always managed by your assigned collaborative LabLynx professional.

Contact Us

We at LabLynx look forward to an initial meeting and further communications, and we are excited to provide the comprehensive long-term laboratory data management solution that will stand the test of time as our partnership grows over the coming not years but decades. We look forward to working collaboratively with you to realize the successful establishment of a shared vision that is mutually rewarding both now and for a long time to come. Please contact us here (https://www.lablynx.com/get-started/), and we will contact you to set up an initial meeting!



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