Chemical, Petrochemical, Biofuels Processing Labs: LabLynx has your LIMS Solution

Whether you’re doing oil and gas, petrochemical, hydrocarbons, biodiesel and alternative fuels or related testing, The LabLynx LIMS Solution for Oil and Gas provides you with all of the functionality you need, in a web-based, state-of-the-art solution.

Petrochemical, biofuels and related development and processing, and the testing that supports it all, are high-profile and essential areas of importance in the world today, with the stakes higher than ever and margins and efficiency often the difference between viable enterprise and negative profit. It’s important to be able to to track the analyses of raw materials, in process, and final product samples. Accurate measurements of purity are crucial, requiring a robust QA/QC and limits alerting process like that of our LIMS solution.

The LabLynx LIMS solution for Oil and Gas can also be used/interfaced with a 3rd Party manufacturing inventory application, ERP, MRP or other system using our exclusive LabVia integration tools to provide a complete, seamless data management infrastructure.

Testing and Workflows Specific to Your Lab

QA and QC processes are, as we mentioned, quite fundamental, and COAs may constitute the main reports. LabLynx lets you track individual samples that make up a composite sample. The results of the composite analyses can then be entered as the results of the individual samples that made that composite. And the included report designer allows you to create any kinds of reports you need, keeping you fully informed on internal performance metrics/KPI and any other data you need to manage.

Crucially, LabLynx lets you manage specifications, assignable by customer, intended use, standards or other criteria, and flag samples that are outside of those specifications. Multiple flags for different specs are supported, with the ability to manually approve, label for particular usage, etc.

That also involves the ability to manage sample points/sites, sample types, clients/suppliers and the like, and map raw materials and/or products to them, tracking orders, lots, etc. as well as samples and their compositions, progress, current status and completion.

Sample points may need to be monitored in real time, with instant flags for out-of-spec performance in certain types of installations. Similarly, regular sampling events can be automatically generated according to schedules, with samples, tests and specs, by the LIMS to help automate processes. Performance trends may also need to be able to be produced dynamically for a given set of metrics, given date/time range, etc. The LabLynx LIMS solution for Oil and Gas gives you all this and more.

Compliant with Standards and Regulations That Are Important to You

These can include ASTM and EPA standards and regs for petroleum gas, diesel, biodiesel, renewable biomass and other fuel types, OSHA hazardous materials handling, CMA, ISO 17025 and others. Any of a number of industry-specific standards may apply to finished/processed products or substances, for example SAE, and NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) for NASA or other aerospace and/or DOD clients. Meeting these is too important to leave to paper transcriptions, spreadsheets and manual processes, or to an outdated and limited LIMS. The LabLynx system is highly flexible, able to adapt to all your needs – making it virtually future-proof with a life expectancy of decades.

To make sure you meet the standards and regulations that apply to your lab, make your system the LabLynx LIMS solution for Oil and Gas.

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