Chemical Analysis LIMS

When every client brings new challenges, you need a flexible, scalable informatics solution that is optimized for chemical analysis laboratories.

LIMS Solutions Optimized for Chemical Analysis Laboratories

Chemical analysis laboratories identify and quantitate compounds using classic and advanced analytical chemistry techniques. Routinely needed across almost every industry, these labs can perform analyses following ISO, ASTM and other standard methods. A chemical analysis lab’s strength is meeting clients’ more challenging requirements. Combining their expertise with advanced instrumentation, these labs can develop and validate new methods to solve unique problems. With such a varied business, chemical analysis laboratories need an informatics solution with the flexibility to handle every new project.

LabLynx LIMS Solutions for Chemical Analysis provide the flexible, scalable system labs such as yours need. We will work with you to create a tailored solution that supports your existing testing services. As your business evolves, your LabLynx solution will keep pace. Simple interfaces let your staff reconfigure your LIMS to accommodate new instruments, testing services, regulatory requirements and more. Automation, integration, management and other capabilities will improve your lab’s performance by eliminating errors, reducing turnaround times and supporting higher-throughput services.

Chemical Analysis LIMS | LabLynx

Designed for the Unique Needs of Chemical Analysis Labs

Scalable Cloud Platform

Running on LabLynx’s secure cloud platform, our LIMS solutions provide powerful capabilities that scale to meet the needs of specialist consultancies and multi-location service providers alike.

Tailored for Your Lab

Our laboratory experts work with you to design a LIMS solution specific to your needs, pre-populated with standard methods, reporting templates and more.

Configurable Methods & Workflows

With no programming needed, simple browser interfaces let you quickly configure standard chemical analysis methods as well as develop and validate new client-specific methods.

Sample Management

Define a sampling methodology for each client with sample points, schedules, barcoded labels and more. Track samples and automate sample handling to improve throughput and turnaround times.

Instrument Integration & Management

Linking laboratory instruments with your LabLynx LIMS solution creates a single source of truth for all analyses and reports.

Inventory Management

Monitor inventory levels and automatically generate orders for PPE, reagents and other consumables to reduce inventory costs while keeping your lab running.

Granular Access Controls

Limit access to instruments and client data by defining granular controls based on role, certification, location, project assignments and more.

Accreditation & Compliance

Your LabLynx LIMS Solution enforces compliance with SOPs and testing methods. Reporting and auditing tools streamline your lab’s accreditation efforts.

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