LIMS Chain of Custody

Ensure the integrity of your lab's most valuable asset - its data. LabLynx's LIMS Chain of Custody safeguards your samples with airtight tracking and documentation. From collection to disposal, rest assured knowing your lab maintains a verifiable and compliant chain of custody for every sample.

Ensure Unbroken Traceability and Accountability for Your Laboratory Samples

In regulated industries and beyond, establishing a secure and reliable chain of custody for laboratory samples is paramount. LabLynx's LIMS Chain of Custody feature provides a robust solution for tracking sample movement, ensuring data integrity, and maintaining compliance with stringent industry standards.

Why Chain of Custody Matters

An unbroken chain of custody is essential for:

  • Legal Defensibility: In legal or regulatory proceedings, a documented chain of custody proves the integrity and authenticity of your sample data.
  • Data Reliability: Knowing the exact handling history of a sample ensures confidence in your test results and scientific conclusions.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Many industries, including pharmaceuticals, forensics, and environmental testing, require strict chain of custody documentation to meet regulatory standards.
  • Quality Assurance: A documented chain of custody is a critical component of a robust quality management system, ensuring the reliability and traceability of your lab's processes.
    Why Chain of Custody Matters

    LabLynx's LIMS Chain of Custody: A Comprehensive Solution

    Our Chain of Custody feature seamlessly integrates into your LIMS workflow:

    1. Sample Accessioning: Record detailed sample information, including unique identifiers, collection details, and custody transfer points.
    2. Barcode/RFID Tracking: Utilize barcodes or RFID tags to automatically track sample movement throughout the laboratory.
    3. Custody Transfers: Electronically document every transfer of custody, including date, time, personnel involved, and reason for transfer.
    4. Secure Storage: Track sample storage locations and conditions, ensuring samples are maintained properly and securely.
    5. Electronic Signatures: Capture electronic signatures for each custody transfer, adding an extra layer of security and accountability.
    6. Audit Trails: Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of all chain of custody activities, providing a complete history of sample handling.
      LabLynx's LIMS Chain of Custody: A Comprehensive Solution

      Benefits of LabLynx's LIMS Chain of Custody

      • Improved Traceability: Easily track the complete history of each sample, from collection to disposal.
      • Enhanced Security: Prevent unauthorized access or tampering of samples through secure tracking and documentation.
      • Regulatory Compliance: Meet stringent requirements for chain of custody documentation in regulated industries.
      • Increased Efficiency: Automate sample tracking and custody transfers, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors.
      • Data Integrity: Ensure the reliability and accuracy of your sample data by maintaining a secure chain of custody.
      Benefits of LabLynx's LIMS Chain of Custody

      Who Needs LIMS Chain of Custody?

      LabLynx's LIMS Chain of Custody feature is essential for:

      • Regulated Laboratories: Pharmaceutical, biotech, forensic, environmental, and clinical labs must maintain strict chain of custody records.
      • Research Laboratories: Ensure the integrity of research data by tracking sample handling and provenance.
      • Any Lab Handling Valuable or Sensitive Samples: Protect the integrity and value of your samples with a secure chain of custody.

        Ensure Unbroken Traceability with LabLynx

        LabLynx's LIMS Chain of Custody provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing your samples are tracked, secure, and compliant.

        Contact LabLynx today to learn how our LIMS Chain of Custody solution can strengthen your lab's traceability and accountability.

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