LabLynx Announces C-SIC Kit Release

Sample Information Collection Kit Improves COVID Testing Process

ATLANTA, June 22, 2020 — LabLynx, Inc. today announced an important new component in its overall COVIDLiMS informatics solution for laboratories, designed to offer faster, more accurate coronavirus testing as well as ongoing risk management for businesses and organizations.

The C-SIC (COVID-Sample Information Collection) kit accurately captures specimen and patient information and ensures it is included on the sample label, preventing errors during sampling and transport. The 2D-coded label is then scanned at the laboratory to bring up the correct registration, and accessioned for testing.

No hand-written information is required. The kit scans the patient’s driver’s license or other official ID at point of collection. The information is instantly uploaded to a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud database, ready for laboratory access.

Pre-Analytical Error: A Significant Issue

Pre-analytical sample handling, including initial sample collection, transport and lab handling, can account for up to 68% of errors according to a recent paper. With accurate testing being the crucial, central element in dealing with the current pandemic — as well as any potential future ones — it is imperative that every possible measure be taken to ensure reliable results. The C-SiC kit, along with the overall COVIDLIMS informatics solution, significantly reduces this alarming risk factor.

What’s Included

The C-SiC Kit contains a tablet and portable barcode label printer, along with rechargeable batteries and power supplies, all packed securely in a rugged carrying case. The printer has a belt clip for easy portability. The tablet is loaded with Windows OS and barcode scanning capability, and connects to any wifi Internet access to communicate with the lab’s COVIDLiMS application and secure, HIPAA-compliant database. It also has the capability to interface with other LIMS/LIS (Laboratory Information Management Systems/Laboratory Information Systems), EHRs (Electronic Health Records) or other information management systems.

LabLynx’s full COVID-testing system includes a physician web portal, patient portal, MolDx-friendly LIMS (optimized for complex PCR-based workflows and maximum automation), interfacing hardware and software, cloud database and C-SiC kit.

COVID-Sample Information Collection C-SIC Kit

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